Monday, 27 August 2012


This site will not longer be kept up-to-date or used, please go to The new home of Linuxonandroid!

If you have come to this page from a site linking to it please ask them to change there link to the new website.

If you have come to this page from the news feature in the app you need to update to the latest version of the app to connect to the new news feed!

If you have come to this site via a link from one of our sites please email to let us know which link needs changing as might have missed one!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Help Get more devices to LoA Devs!

So far we have been able to get over 400+ known working ROM/Device combinations on over 200+ devices.
 However Our own range of testing devices is very limited, I myself (The Lead Dev) am a University Student and on of the other two devs is still in school, thus our income is very very limited and we are unable to get extra devices.
This has been ok as we have been able to rely on the community to test and report working devices. But it has come to a point where there are some large bugs on devices we dont have that we feel must be fixed but cant be without us having the devices to test and work out the fix!

So this is where we have decided to start a donation fund to get more devices so we can officially support them and stamp out those evil bugs!

We are aiming to raise $1500 which will get us a range of devices but any money we get will go towards new devices and helping to improve LinuxonAndroid!

Please see the Fund page here to see what we are aiming to get and the perks you can get for donating!

If you cant help by donating consider helping by spreading the word!

Brand new website!

Ok guys time for something new!
I have kept the same old rather dated and rubbish blogspot site since the project started, simply because it was easy, which is very lazy on my part

Well! we now have a nice new shiny website!
The new site will be taking over form the old blogspot site in the week as I move the rss feeds in the app and sending stuff to facebook etc over to the new site and make sure everythings working.

However you can check it out right now

You will also notice a wiki link in the main menu, which takes you to our brand new (and very much empty!) wiki site We will be filling in some information over the next few days. But seeing as it is a wiki the main goal is for the community behind the project (Thats you guys) to fill the wiki up, prehaps your device needed some tweaks to get it working? Write a wiki page for it! Prehaps you have a cool use for LinuxonAndroid and want to show other users how to set it up (maybe a webserver?) Write a wiki page for it!

In time we will develop it further but you are all more than welcome to dive in and start making pages, and templates for different pages etc etc.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Known Issues - md5 wrong

It has been brought to my attention that the md5 file in the new v9 backtrack image is infact wrong.

This will be fixed shortly but I have a very slow upload speed so will not be done until tomorrow so until then simply delete the .md5 file and you shouldnt have any problems!

Need help with a project? Im on!

<Shameless plug>
Its very rare for me to post about something that isnt LinuxonAndroid (and I do try not to) but as some of may know I am a university student (and there fore money is always tight).
I will have to move shortly into a new flat which will pretty much wipe me out money wise so I have started actively looking for more work (dont worry this in no way effects LinuxonAndroid it still gets the same amount of love!).

And I have restarted my profile and started looking for jobs, so if there are any small projects to do with android/websites/coding etc please think of me!

My freelancer profile can be found here

</Shameless plug>

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Looking for more Translations (And new strings to be done)

With the release of v1.1.5 there are new strings that have been added and are in need of being translated!

This brings it a good time to ask for anyone that would like to translate the app into there own language.

If you think your up to translating then head over to where you will find the files to translate and how to do it!

(Note if you want to translate the new strings in one of the already translated languages just translate those in the strings.xml under 16/08/-2012)

Complete Linux Installer Updated to V1.1.5

The app has now been updated to v1.1.5, the script to 7.5, Backtrack image to V9 and ArchLinux images to BETA below are the change logs!

App Changes:

*Allow creation of 1GB SWAP file for Donation users (kernel must support it)
*Added beta Archlinux images for Donation users (once out of beta will be avaible for all)

Script Changes:

*Removed SU check, caused cut error on many devices
*Added support to create a 1GB SWAP file and use it

Backtrack V9
*fixed "error creating child process for terminal" when launching a terminal in backtrack
*Now asks for a password for VNC on first start up
*Removed some typoes in the script

ArchLinux Core
*Updated to beta
*Internet working
*All updates and fully working pacman

ArchLinux Small
*All changes from Core included
*'Mostly' working vnc GUI
*LXDE Desktop included
*2GB file size
*Known Issues - LXDE dosnt render correctly, VNC does not let you change password, password set to 'backtrac'

ArchLinux Large
*All changes from Core included
*'Mostly' working vnc GUI
*KDE Desktop included
*3.5GB file size
*Known Issues - KDE# dosnt render correctly, VNC does not let you change password, password set to 'backtrac'

As always you can grab the update from the market or the download page!
To have access to the BETA arch image please buy a donation key, not that they are still unstable and note the known issues above!