Monday, 30 April 2012

The results are in

The poll is now over the votes are in and all future apps will include links to download from source forge, and torrent links will be built in.
This does mean no more ftp server for the paid apps but don't worry you will get extra features soon ;).

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New team member

I would like to introduce a new team member to the project (making it no longer a one man band! :P) he has worked in the passed for me and created the new one click boot in the complete installer, however has been coming up with some really nice stuff so we have agreed that He should now be a team member!

I would like to introduce tuxling he will be working with me to increase the usability of the apps and making the whole system even easier to use!

Please welcome him and I know you will love the stuff he will be producing :D

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Time to Choose how you want future versions to be downloaded!

With Ubuntu 12.04 reaching stable tomorrow,  I will shortly after this be releasing a new wave of Ubuntu 12.04 images (don't worry backtrack it will be your go next!), but as with the last full image has shown me uploading 1.3GB of data on a upload speed of 125kb/s can cause some problems with corruptions etc.

Also now that the free files are on source forge (for those that don't remember they used to be hosted on multiupload) the speed difference between source forge and the ftp server used in the paid apps can be very little if at all at peek times.

So my idea would be to do away with the FTP server, and simply host the files on source forge, BUT also host torrent downloads on a seedbox which I costs me as much as the FTP server, so I can do away with that and buy the new seedbox.

The question is how would you want downloads? There is a poll in the sidebar that I would like everyone to answer to help decide what type of download 'links' will be included in the apps. Please comment on this post if you have any other ideas.

Really I do think that torrents are the way forward for this kind of media, as the files are so large downloading normally can coarse alot of problems, something torrents do away with. But you are my supporters so I want to know your views on the matter!

New support email

I have set up a new email just for support for this project, the old address was used for many things and as the project has grown to as large as it is it as meant when people want support this emails can sometimes get lost in with other emails and be forgotten about.
Anyway the new email address for support is:

This is only for support for this project so I shall be sure to answer all your questions.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Known issue - New Ubuntu 12.04 v1 Full image download corrupt

It seems that the full file is corrupt on my ftp server (and maybe source forge but not sure on this one). This is likely due to my slow upload speed to my ftp server (about 125kb/s) meaning it takes along time to upload and gives plenty of room for corruption.
Well along with the release of the new images I have started to create torrent downloads for my files instead, which will prevent the problem of corrupt along with giving faster download rates, and a nice way for people to support the project by seeding the images.
In the next paid apps updates torrents will be included as a download option (There are a few good torrent clients for android or you could just use the torrent file to download from a computer).
But for now if you are having this issue of corrupt downloads head over to the download page on this blog and you will find links for the torrent files :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Updates updates updates!

Today we have a wave of updates for the paid apps:
Complete Linux Installer:

*One click boot widget and buttons fixed, however you MUST UPGRADE TERMINAL APP to newest version in order to work
*New Ubuntu 12.04 stable images in core, small and full sizes.
*Full Ubuntu 12.04 has working Unity desktop!

Ubuntu Installer Paid:

*One click boot widget and buttons fixed, however you MUST UPGRADE TERMINAL APP to newest version in order to work
*New Ubuntu 12.04 stable images in core, small and full sizes.
*Full Ubuntu 12.04 has working Unity desktop!

Backtrack Install Paid:

*One click boot widget and buttons fixed, however you MUST UPGRADE TERMINAL APP to newest version in order to work

So thats right as of today the 12.04 images have hit stable release, these will be included in the next update to the free ubuntu app but are in todays updates to the complete linux installer and the paid ubuntu installer.

All the paid apps are being updated today because I decided it was very important to get the update to fix the one click boot stuff out ASAP so you could use it again.

However those that have not yet updated there terminal apps will now need to in order to keep using the one click boot :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Known bug, new Terminal Emulator app V1.0.42 brakes one click boot widget/button

In the newest version of the terminal emulator the boot widget and boot button within the paid apps will no longer work (when you press the widget it just opens the terminal doesnt run the boot script).

This is because in the new version there has been a change to how the terminal handles other apps starting the terminal and running commands, this was done to make it far more secure and safe for users.

But this means I must make the changes to the apps to bring them in line with the new terminal, this may take a few days. So in order to keep the widgets working for now do not update v1.0.42, I shall let you all know when the update is released and which point you will HAVE to update the terminal app otherwise the widgets once again will not work.

Its a little pain, but will make everything more secure :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

New working device list

I am in the process of creating a new working device table which is being powered by a google docs form.

This way you can all simply enter your device/rom/kernel etc and help keep the list up to date as lately I have been working hard on the app/images and forgot about the working device list.

SO please fill out this form here with your device information if you have got any of the distros running on your device. Thank you for your time

Friday, 13 April 2012

Complete Linux Installer V2.2 Released

The new update for the complete installer has just been released!
The key change to this release is the new one click boot system, which now lets you set the location of your linux images and boot script so you no longer have to store the files in sdcard/ubuntu etc they can be where ever you like.
This release also now includes the much demanded boot widgets for each distro, and you can set the location of the files for the boot script to!

This great new system was designed by Martin Møller who kindly donated it to the project, I am very grateful for his work and anyone who wants to say thank you for this great new system, drop him a nice donation :)
His paypal email address is

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Addon for Complete Linux Installer - Linux Launcher

This app is designed to allow you to launch and run your linux installs, the key difference is this allows you to set the location of your boot script so you can use the launcher no matter where you have your linux scripts/images

you MUST have the complete linux installer installed in order for this app to work.
This app was designed and made by Martin Møller, and will in the future be integrated with the complete installer however for now is a addon.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Debian Installer Free released

The free Debian Installer has just hit the market:

Key features include:
Three types of Debian image 'core', 'lightweight', 'full'
Both have:
Ability to install a full operating system on your phone 
XFCE Desktop (very lightweight)
Working update manager
Ability to access files on your SD card and internal memory from Debian
Ability to set screen size on boot (you no longer have to download a certain image for different screen sizes!)

Full is includes:
900MB download, which is 3.5GB once extracted
Full XFCE desktop with all the addons
Lots of apps perfect for 'developing' including

Lightweight image includes:
500MB download, which is 2GB once extracted
Includes only apps required for everything to work, leaving lots of space for your own programs but having a smaller image

Core image includes:
*200MB to download 750MB once extracted
*Just the base system including no GUI just command line