Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Free version 2.0 nearly complete

The free version of my Ubuntu installer is nearly ready for release, just sorting a few bugs before it is ready.
This version will feature the new app UI, and have both the small and large V5 Ubuntu images for download via my sourceforge project site (not the fast server found in the paid version).

Unlike the paid version the free version will not include the build guide or the one click boot feature, these are paid app only features (and at 99p its not going to brake the bank!). In the past the paid app has not had many extra features, but in the future the paid version will get more and more features to make the install process easier and faster!
While the free version will still give you all you need to install and boot you will have to do alot more yourself.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ubuntu Installer 2.0 Live on the market!

Thats right the wait is over, last minute bugs have been stamped out and the new update is live, should be coming to a device near you soon!
I would strongly recommend that you update ASAP as the new version is a real overhaul from the old app.
Here is a video of the new update, if you still are not sure:

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ubuntu Installer Paid 2.0 Cooked and ready to be tasted

Well tasted by my beta testers anyway...but yes 2.0 for the Paid app is ready! so long as there are no more bugs the new update will be loaded to the market tomorrow.
Note that once the new update is on-line the sale will end, so if you have not already grap your paid copy for 20%!!

The change log for the new version is:

*New V5 small image, featuring fixed Java, even more lightweight (now around 1.2GB free) and user can set screen size on boot
*PAID New Build guide which shows you how to build your own Ubuntu images
*Brand new UI To make the whole thing more useable
*PAID new 'one click boot' feature to allow quick booting from either the widget or inside the app
*PAID new widget to activate the one click boot
*PAID app install guide changed in light of 'one click boot'
*Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters in Gnome

The free version should then be updated by the end of next week and will include the new UI and the new V5 small image and Gnome mapping fix.

Backtrack will then be updated shortly after that to include pretty much everything in the change log above (apart from the small image, there is still no small image for backtrack)

Good news just gets better!

Well over the past few days the new 2.0 version of the Paid app has been flying along, now with only two last features to finish, the new boot script and the extra features alot of you used from the picture!

That is in 2.0 of the paid app there will be a 'one click boot' feature as seen in the picture as 'launch ubuntu' this will also be included in a widget to make it even easier.
I had been looking at integrating a terminal into my app itself, however it is possible to start the terminal app and pass initial commands from another app, i.e. you can still use the amazing android  terminal app linked in my app and have one click boot!

Now if all goes to plan the paid app 2.0 may well get released VERY soon...followed by a free version (which will not include the build guide or the one click boot) next week, and then its time for backtrack to get some more love!

Friday, 27 January 2012

[UPDATE] V5 Small images ready for upload

Well I have finally finished the new small V5 image, features from the old small image include:

  • Input screen size on boot
  • Image cleaned up a little more (2.5GB size with 1.2GB free space)
  • Java fully working
  • Firefox replaced with Epiphany a much lighter web browser
Please note this image does not let you switch between Gnome and LXDE simply because Gnome takes up alot of space.

The new image will be included in the 2.0 release of the apps (paid next week then free week after) but they are now uploading so I will include a link once its uploaded if you can't wait for the app!

Image is now live, get it at sourceforge!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Taste of things to come

So I have spent alot of today working on the app, manly the new small image (having a few problems but will be done soon!) and working on the new UI...along with a few extra features yet to be posted ;).
Check out the below picture for a taste....and hints of what's to come

Apps on Sale 20% off!

For the next two weeks both my Backtrack and Ubuntu apps will be 20% off to build up support for the next 'big' update!
Features will likely include:

[*]Updated image to allow user to select screen size on boot
[*]Better handling of mounting external and internal device memory
[*]Boot script and image can be placed where ever to boot
[*]New app UI for better across device support
[*]Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters in Gnome
[*]+more to come!

Now I am also looking for extra features/bugs that I may have missed, so if you have something that you would like to see in the next build please let me know!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Source-forge project

I have set up a Source Forge project for the linux on android project where I will host all the files for the free version (paid still has the faster ftp server) as well as the source for the boot scripts and over scripts used in Ubuntu.
My main reason for doing this is that it will allow me to keep much better track of bugs and also provide a much more vast FAQ in the forum of the wiki
If anyone is interested in joining my project as a development for one area or another please contact me!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

SOPA strike - Tomorrow

Tomorrow all my sites shall be going offline, and I shall not be doing any work on my linux to android as a protest to everything that is wrong with the US goverment.
If SOPA is aloud to pass the wonderful work at XDA could be stopped!!!

I hope you all support the blackout across the internet

Monday, 16 January 2012

Todays work

Sadly (well for you guys anyway) I have started back at Uni today and those my free time as been cut down alot, so today I had no time to do any work towards linux on android, my plan for this week is to update the small ubuntu image with the new bits and then update the paid app.
Then my next job will be updating the backtrack image to include the new changes (however for now it will not be getting other desktop environments).
Then some time text week the free app will get updated, the free app will include the two desktop environment, but will not let you change screen size before boot.

Unity is still in the pipe line but like I said time is tight, once it is released however I have decided to only include it in the paid ubuntu app as it has taken alot of work so far and more to come.

Thank you all, and good night!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

[UPDATE - IMAGE LIVE] New beta image to be released soon

Ok so the bad news is unity isn't playing so nice right now and so will not be included in the next release. The good news is the new image is now uploading and will be ready for download hopefuly today, this is still a good size update, and if everyone tests and likes it then I will update the paid app tomorrow with the new image!

The image is now upload and ready for your to download a test, plrease report back on the xda forum if there are any bugs!


Friday, 13 January 2012

[UPDATE] Update - Ubuntu images

I have a nice treat for you all today, A new Ubuntu image will be coming out tonight for beta testing (once its finished uploading).
This is the rebuilt image I have been talking about, so all programs are now fixed and ready to rock, also built in  to the image, on boot it will ask you to select what screen size you want, and the best feature it will ask you which desktop environment you want to use!
For now Gnome and LXDE are included but more will follow once bugs in them are cleared up.

I will include the download link here and on the xda forums once it has been uploaded to multiupload, if all works well it will be uploaded to my ftp server and added to the paid app! (free app will get it shortly after)

It is important to note you now MUST type 'exit' in terminal to shut Ubuntu down, if you reboot before doing this it will brake the desktop selection system.
(This is fixable, you just need to select the same desktop you used before reboot, boot into it and then press type exit)

The upload is on hold as I have had a large brake through with unity thanks to XDA member leonardoaraujo so I will get Unity working as well before I upload the new test image

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Future Features

Here is a updated list of futures I plan to release in the next 'few' releases of the apps...I am still unsure what will make it to the free apps, comes down to amount of work needed for different features I guess. Will keep you all up to date on that, anyway on with the list!

  • Automatic creation of the folder on sdcard required by the app
  • Automatic download over a secure password (hard coded into app) protected connection to my ftp server
  • Automatic extraction of files once download, moving them to the folder created by the app
  • Built in terminal which will allow the user to click one button (or widget) to run the boot script and then give access to command line within my app
  • New Ubuntu builds to fix some programs including Java
  • Boot script will let the user select which desktop enviorment they want to use (In the Ubuntu apps, this will start just LXDE and Gnome but more will follow) and also allow the user to set what screen size they want before boot
  • Boot script changes to solve a few boot problems still remaining
There will be more than these for sure and if you have any features you would like to see please let me know!

Todays Work

"Today's work" posts will be posts about quite simply what I have done today with the app, these may not be everyday if one day I was to busy to do much but other days these might be rather long posts.
Anyway on with the first post :D

Today I have been working on the slew of new features I will be bringing to the Paid apps (a few features will also make it to the free ubuntu app) to make the whole install process more configurable and automatic.
I have started by focusing on the configurable side of things to start with. Two of these features infact, the first will allow you to set the linux screen size at boot, for now this is done within the terminal. The boot script asks you for the two dimensions and the screen will then be created with these, this way I only have to host one image for each 'type' and you have complete control of the screen size. This is almost finished to need to polish the text up a bit and it will be ready for the next release.

The second feature is allowing the user to select from different GUI's on boot to use what they like the most. To start with this will only include Gnome and LXDE as there are still problems with Unity but this will be added in the future once sorted!
Need to still iron out some problems with this features but it will be ready for the next release for sure!

The Ubuntu images very also been recompiled with Java working again! so all those that use this as on the go dev platform will be happy.

One other little hint...I may have found the fix to GUI problems in Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM..which could mean there is a beta 11.10 image coming your way in the next week or so!

New site for my apps!

I have started creating a range of apps that allow you to install different linux distros on your android phone! as it stands there is a free Ubuntu app, and Paid Ubuntu app and a Paid Backtrack app, but more will follow.
I have been working on these for some time in XDA, so the question is why start a blog for them?
Simple from here I will beable to post regular updates on what I am working on, and changes that I am marking without spamming the XDA threads, I will still post there and here when there are new app updates etc, but you will find a much more indepth look at what I'm doing right now with the apps, and whats coming in the future!

Anyway hope everyone enjoys the blog and follow if you want to keep up to date, I will be adding links to the XDA pages and the market pages if you want more information on the apps!