Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy to announce the next big update!

So we have now got to a point where we are nearly complete on the next big update so I think its time I let everyone know what going to happen!

There will now only be one main app, this app will be free and called 'Complete Linux Installer' and will feature for free nearly everything in the current Complete Installer Installer you will get (most of) the Launcher menu and widgets as well as all three install guides and the ubuntu build guide!

The three paid apps will then become 'donation files' which act as keys to unlock the rest of the launcher menu (i.e the editor side of things) and in the future other extra feature. The donation apps will be priced at £1, £2 and £4 to allow you to decide how much you want to give towards the project, all three donation apps will be the same and give you the same features the pricing is simply to allow you to give what you think  it is whether.
We are keeping all three as well so that anyone that has bought any of the paid apps will be updated to the key file giving them all the extra features without having to pay anything again!

We are really existed about this update because it means that there will only be one app that needs to be updated, which means when ever theres a new image or feature we want to add theres only one app to add it to!
It also means that the users of the free app will be getting a taste of the joys of the launcher widget and menu item, and everyone will have the guide to build there own images if they so wish!
Don't worry those that have or will be buying the donation apps will be getting extra great features in the future and of cause you will still get the good feeling of helping this project keep going and growing!

This set up will also allow me to 'give out' donation keys if for example we plan a contest etc.

The ETA is not completely sure yet there are a few more bits to finish but its nearly complete so it should be pretty soon indeed.

From Martin and myself we would like to thank you all for supporting the project and hope you enjoy this next update as much as we think you will!

Monday, 25 June 2012

No updates?? whats going on?

OK so it has been quite a long time since alot of the apps have been updated and it would seem only the complete installer has been updated, I can understand why many of you might think that maybe the project is slowing down or coming to a end?

Well you would be wrong!
We are working on something new that will simplify everything, I will be 'leaking' more information about this as we get closer to finishing the new 'update' but what I will say is that as the project has grown to what it is now it has become far to much work to maintain 6 different apps and so we shall be changing this.
Don't worry this will be changes for the good and no one will miss out or have to buy anything again etc etc.

Keep a eye out for more updates soon

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Complete Installer update to v3.1.1

This is just a small update which brings 4 new localisations to the app, these are French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

Thank you to the below for doing the translations!

Marco Robles - Spanish Translation
Quentin Khan - French Translation
Stefanie Jung - German Translation
Ove Grunnér - Swedish Translation

This brings the app up to a total of 6 localisations!

If you are interested in translating the app to be localised for your language then check out this page 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Looking for more translators!

Hello again all,
We have already started working away at the 'next big' update which is set to simplify the whole set up and make everyones life much much easier!

But while thats cooking away we could really use more people to translate the apps text into other languages!
So far we have French and Spanish pretty much complete, but if you are a native or pretty much fluent in another language, and would like to contribute to the project this is how you can!

If your interested simply head over to the sourceforge download page HERE which has the five files you need to translate, follow the instructions there and send them to me once your done.

They will then be included in the next app update. If possible we will ask you to keep on board and translator any extra strings that are created when we make changes to the apps etc, but if you do not want to do this thats fine just let us know.

You will also be added to the contributors page here

Monday, 11 June 2012

Complete Linux Installer Updated to V3.1 (Its a big one!)

Its been a long time coming but the Complete Linux Installer has been updated to v3.1!

This is a huge update with a range of new features that will make the app far more than 'just' a installer, this complete change log is at the bottom of the post but lets take a second to look at a few of the new features!

The app now includes the boot script built in which means you only need to download the image you want, the script works for all images and has been greatly improved (see script part of change log)

The app can now also from the launch menu let you set up a image to boot on start up of android.

Alot of config settings can now be down within the app for the images (including screen size, starting vnc and ssh etc.)

We hope you enjoy the update as it has taken us quite some time to complete as much as we have!


*Added a config screen on the launcher.
*Added a mount editor to the config screen where new mounts can be added.
*Added a option to turn on/off start of SSH and VNC servers.
*Added resolution settings to the config screen.
*Added auto run options, the image can now be mounted automatically when android has booted.
*Added Danish translations.
*The launcher now warn you if the image path is wrong and hide the config and start button.
*Changed the widgets and launcher to use a full image name instead of the path and script name.
*Fixed grammar and spelling for English text
*Added torrent downloads for debian and backtrack


*It now asks if you want to start ssh and vnc at first boot and let you save the choices. (The complete installer app can change ssh/vnc start choices and change vnc resolution later, the free apps can do it by editing a file)
*Resolution and other settings are now saved the same place as the image itself so they are easy to edit. The file is called imagename.img.configs
*The permissions on /sdcard and /external_sd should be fixed now.
*Now the hosts and resolv.conf files are only written once, so changes the user make will now survive a restart.
*Plus a lot of changes to support the new config system, to many to mention.


*Changed the script so it now look for any of our apps and use busybox from there. If none of the apps are found it will use /system/xbin/busybox instead.
*Changed the shutdown part to use the apps busybox, now it should shutdown for everyone.
*Now we write hosts and resolv.conf file only once when the image first boots. This allow changes to those files to survive restart of the image.
*Plus a lot of small changes to support the new config system.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Poll to decide on new 'included' vnc viewer

The next big update for the complete linux installer is nearly complete (new images are being cooked as we speak). But we have decided it may be best to recommend a new VNC viewer to be installed and used instead of the current one due to the fact that the current vnc viewer does not handle special characters or mouse right clicks very well.

As such in the right hand bar you will see a poll of four different free VNC viewers which could be used as the recommendation within the app. If you could take the time to try these viewers (or if you have already used them or are using them) and select the one you like the best.

The fourth viewer is the current one so if your happy with that simply vote for that instead.

Thank you all

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hello all,
I am now back from my holiday and will tomorrow be starting on finishing up the next update for the apps, I have answered most of the backed up support tickets tonight, but the rest will be done tomorrow. If after tomorrow you do not get a reply it might have got lost in the 'system' and you might want to email me again if you still need help.

The next update for the complete installer put it simply, looking HUGE with over 15 different changes/fixes/new features its going to be a good one ;) we will also be releasing new ubuntu images, and  hopefully this week be releasing updates debian and backtrack images as well.

Stay tuned for more updates :)