Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Accepting Bitcoins for donations

I have decided to accept bit-coins for donations towards the project.
If you have never heard of bitcoins before you should really check them out, there are plenty of guides online to using them and its a great decentralised  digital currency.

Due to the anonymous side of bitcoins I can not easily generate donation key apps, so bitcoins are aimed more for just donations, however if you have made a bitcoin donation and would like a donation key, if you can provide proof via email that you sent the donation I will happly create a key for you.

My NEW bitcoin wallet address is 13XxX4R2UFSkyCRyPMDXV1fT6VqzFi9d9T  

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Other payment methods?

Im looking at other methods of payment for donations/buying donation keys, are there any other methods other than paypal that people would like me to support/use?

I currently do use bitcoins so could offer this as a payment method, but would anyone want/use it? and if not what about other methods?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.4

This is another small update to tide us over while we work on the next BIG update and improvements.

The update just adds a popup window if the terminal app can not be found (the reason behind the app crashes when you try and launch linux) when you try and launch linux, this will stop the app crashing if it cant be found, and will give some userful info instead of just crashing out.

Thats all for now but look out for another big update soon :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

IRC for help!

Yes we have decided to set up a second channel for general help you can come here if you need help quick (And someones online to help you that is). But if your having a issue that you think may well effect other users its recommend to post about it in the forum thread still so other users can see it.

The new channel is #linuxonandroid-help so head over to freenode and get some help :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

New IRC channel, listen to the devs at work!

We have now opened a IRC channel so we as a team can talk to each other while we work.
This channel is open to anyone that wants to listen, or if you have ideas you would like to add etc.

Please note that this channel is NOT for support if you need support use the current support methods!

The channel can be accessed on freenode here http://webchat.freenode.net/ and the channel is #linuxonandroid

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Introducing a new team member

Today I am happy to introduce a new member to our little team, William Means aka WEM97.
He will be working with us to bring even more to the app and has already brought forward so very interesting ideas, so just as when martin joined look forward to some big new features ;)

I would also just like to thank Martin for all the work he has put into this project he has really helped make the project what it is today, and I look forward to working more with both team members, next few months could be a interesting time!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Calling Nexus 7 owners (or soon to be owners)

I am looking for users that have either got a Nexus 7 already or have preorder and will be getting one soon to test my project.
The Nexus 7 is a device I want to make sure is support as I feel it will be a great platform for linuxonandroid, however I have not been able to preorder one as I do not have the cash so until I can get one I would like other users to test and make sure everything is working well.
If you have any bugs etc please post in the main linuxonandroid xda thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1585009

I have been told that I can only have one thread for my project on XDA (which is completely fair enough) so the thread I had posted in the Nexus 7 subforum has been closed so this is why im posting here to ask for testers :)

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.3

Another small update fixing a few bugs and making some changes (see change log at the bottom of the post).

However the big change this version brings is three new buttons in the install guide menu, which will be the next three distros to get support, its been a long time since any new distros where given support so its time that changed!
You will have to download the new update and check to see what the three new distros will be (See it as a mini surprise), but the important info is like when I started work on ubuntu 12.04 until the new distros are 'stable' they will be only unlocked with donation key. Once I am happy enough general bugs have been smashed, and we have decided on what to include in which distro they will become 'stable' and be added to the free app.
So if you want early access to the new distros as they come out make sure you have a donation key bought and ready.
The first new distro beta will likely be released within a week with the others follow shortly after so keep an eye out for the update!

This version is also the first of the new app to make its way onto the sourceforge site, so you no longer have to use the market at all if you do not wish!
The update can be download from sourceforge here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxonandroid/files/App/

Change Log:

*Added 3 new buttons ready for future distros (have a look to see what the next distros will be ;) )
*Removed the links to the donation at the end of the guides
*Added small image 'ad' for the donation keys at the button of the install guides (will not show if you have a donation key installed)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.1

This is just a small update to fix a few bugs that have been popping up, the two fixed in this update are:

*Fixed md5 sum file not deleting after checking - which means the image will boot fine again when you try to boot for the second time!

*fixed script not using the busybox built into the new app - so no more cut missing errors and other busybox related issues!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Donation keys can now be bought via paypal!

You can now buy a donation key via paypal in the right hand column (or at the bottom of this post).
Simply make a donation of £1 or great (so anything you like from £1 - £1000000000+ (ok I can dream!)) and I shall then send you a customised donation key that once installed will unlock all the extra features of the  Complete Linux Installer.

Due to the customised nature of each key this process is yet to be automated so I will have to manually send you the key which should not take any more than 24 hours to do so!

Anyone who donates more than £5 will be added to the contributors page as with steady donations this project would not be possible!

Thank you all

Monday, 9 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to v1.1

This is a fairly small update but with a few new features/changes.
The biggest change being the new 'news' feature which acts as a rss reader for this blog allowing you to keep up to date with news about the project from within the app. I know this has been a feature a few people have requested in the past and now we are just working form the one app I decided it a great time to introduce it!
Anyway enjoy the new update, and those that have yet to update to the new free app (I know your out there!) your really missing out so jump on board today!

Complete Change log:

*New News section with a news feed right from the blog so you can keep up to date from within the app
*Bulgarian Translation added, thanks to Nikolay Suknyarov (NikolayS)
*Added links to donation keys at the end of the install guides (in free mode only)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

android.content.ActivityNotFoundException Error when using the boot widget or launcher menu item

This is a error that I have been getting reports about on the market error reporter. It has a very simply fix which is infact in the app market description, but I shall repeat it here. In order for the widget/button to not force close you MUST have this terminal app installed on your device: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jackpal.androidterm

 If the terminal is included in your ROM this will not work (As its installed in the system apps and not normal apps) so you will need to delete this and reinstall it from the market. You must also make sure you have the newest version of the terminal installed as older versions of the terminal will not work.

If you have done all the above and you still get the error please submit a support tick so we can look into it further

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Update Released!!

The big update has now hit the market.

The Complete Installer is now free with as the last post explained most features included for free!
The Three old paid apps have now become 'Donation keys' that unlocked extra features in the free app which at the moment is the Linux editor (to edit mounts and screen size etc within the app) but more features will be included in this soon.

All free Users should download the new free app now! from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid
(The old free apps will get one more update which will just point you to install the new app and then they will be removed from the market is about two weeks time)

Anyone that has bought any of the paid apps before should download the new update for this (making it the donation key). And then download the new free app, at which point the extra features will be unlocked for you.

Please note this new update has been tested on our devices however of cause being a new system there may well be bugs, if you find any report them right away and we shall aim to get them fixed quickly. In the past it has taken quite a long time for new updates to be released due to having 6 different apps, but now there is really only 2 (as all three key apps are the same just different package names) which will make bug fixing and  updating much much quicker.