Free Apps/Files

There is now one free app called the Complete Linux Installer (NEW) which can be downloaded from the market, or via sourceforge along with the image files.

Complete Linux Installer (NEW)

  • Ubuntu 12.04 v4 Core [SOURCEFORGE] [TORRENT FILE] (just the basic install of ubuntu no GUI about 200MB to download and 750MB once extracted)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 v4 Small [SOURCEFORGE] [TORRENT FILE] (Includes the LXDE desktop about 400MB to download and 2GB once extracted giving about 1GB free space and includes normal programs like firefox) 
  • Ubuntu 12.04 v4 Full  [SOURCEFORGE] [TORRENT FILE] (The image you have been waiting for including Unity! plus a range of programs this is 1.3GB to download and 3.5GB once extracted with about 1.5GB free space)

Paid Apps 

The paid apps are donation keys which unlock the extra features in the Complete Linux Installer (NEW), all the keys are the same but different prices to let you decide how much to 'donate'

  • Complete Linux Installer Donate £4 [MARKET]
  • Complete Linux Installer Donate £2 [MARKET]
  • Complete Linux Installer Donate £1 [MARKET]