Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Known bug, new Terminal Emulator app V1.0.42 brakes one click boot widget/button

In the newest version of the terminal emulator the boot widget and boot button within the paid apps will no longer work (when you press the widget it just opens the terminal doesnt run the boot script).

This is because in the new version there has been a change to how the terminal handles other apps starting the terminal and running commands, this was done to make it far more secure and safe for users.

But this means I must make the changes to the apps to bring them in line with the new terminal, this may take a few days. So in order to keep the widgets working for now do not update v1.0.42, I shall let you all know when the update is released and which point you will HAVE to update the terminal app otherwise the widgets once again will not work.

Its a little pain, but will make everything more secure :)