Monday, 27 August 2012


This site will not longer be kept up-to-date or used, please go to The new home of Linuxonandroid!

If you have come to this page from a site linking to it please ask them to change there link to the new website.

If you have come to this page from the news feature in the app you need to update to the latest version of the app to connect to the new news feed!

If you have come to this site via a link from one of our sites please email to let us know which link needs changing as might have missed one!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Help Get more devices to LoA Devs!

So far we have been able to get over 400+ known working ROM/Device combinations on over 200+ devices.
 However Our own range of testing devices is very limited, I myself (The Lead Dev) am a University Student and on of the other two devs is still in school, thus our income is very very limited and we are unable to get extra devices.
This has been ok as we have been able to rely on the community to test and report working devices. But it has come to a point where there are some large bugs on devices we dont have that we feel must be fixed but cant be without us having the devices to test and work out the fix!

So this is where we have decided to start a donation fund to get more devices so we can officially support them and stamp out those evil bugs!

We are aiming to raise $1500 which will get us a range of devices but any money we get will go towards new devices and helping to improve LinuxonAndroid!

Please see the Fund page here to see what we are aiming to get and the perks you can get for donating!

If you cant help by donating consider helping by spreading the word!

Brand new website!

Ok guys time for something new!
I have kept the same old rather dated and rubbish blogspot site since the project started, simply because it was easy, which is very lazy on my part

Well! we now have a nice new shiny website!
The new site will be taking over form the old blogspot site in the week as I move the rss feeds in the app and sending stuff to facebook etc over to the new site and make sure everythings working.

However you can check it out right now

You will also notice a wiki link in the main menu, which takes you to our brand new (and very much empty!) wiki site We will be filling in some information over the next few days. But seeing as it is a wiki the main goal is for the community behind the project (Thats you guys) to fill the wiki up, prehaps your device needed some tweaks to get it working? Write a wiki page for it! Prehaps you have a cool use for LinuxonAndroid and want to show other users how to set it up (maybe a webserver?) Write a wiki page for it!

In time we will develop it further but you are all more than welcome to dive in and start making pages, and templates for different pages etc etc.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Known Issues - md5 wrong

It has been brought to my attention that the md5 file in the new v9 backtrack image is infact wrong.

This will be fixed shortly but I have a very slow upload speed so will not be done until tomorrow so until then simply delete the .md5 file and you shouldnt have any problems!

Need help with a project? Im on!

<Shameless plug>
Its very rare for me to post about something that isnt LinuxonAndroid (and I do try not to) but as some of may know I am a university student (and there fore money is always tight).
I will have to move shortly into a new flat which will pretty much wipe me out money wise so I have started actively looking for more work (dont worry this in no way effects LinuxonAndroid it still gets the same amount of love!).

And I have restarted my profile and started looking for jobs, so if there are any small projects to do with android/websites/coding etc please think of me!

My freelancer profile can be found here

</Shameless plug>

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Looking for more Translations (And new strings to be done)

With the release of v1.1.5 there are new strings that have been added and are in need of being translated!

This brings it a good time to ask for anyone that would like to translate the app into there own language.

If you think your up to translating then head over to where you will find the files to translate and how to do it!

(Note if you want to translate the new strings in one of the already translated languages just translate those in the strings.xml under 16/08/-2012)

Complete Linux Installer Updated to V1.1.5

The app has now been updated to v1.1.5, the script to 7.5, Backtrack image to V9 and ArchLinux images to BETA below are the change logs!

App Changes:

*Allow creation of 1GB SWAP file for Donation users (kernel must support it)
*Added beta Archlinux images for Donation users (once out of beta will be avaible for all)

Script Changes:

*Removed SU check, caused cut error on many devices
*Added support to create a 1GB SWAP file and use it

Backtrack V9
*fixed "error creating child process for terminal" when launching a terminal in backtrack
*Now asks for a password for VNC on first start up
*Removed some typoes in the script

ArchLinux Core
*Updated to beta
*Internet working
*All updates and fully working pacman

ArchLinux Small
*All changes from Core included
*'Mostly' working vnc GUI
*LXDE Desktop included
*2GB file size
*Known Issues - LXDE dosnt render correctly, VNC does not let you change password, password set to 'backtrac'

ArchLinux Large
*All changes from Core included
*'Mostly' working vnc GUI
*KDE Desktop included
*3.5GB file size
*Known Issues - KDE# dosnt render correctly, VNC does not let you change password, password set to 'backtrac'

As always you can grab the update from the market or the download page!
To have access to the BETA arch image please buy a donation key, not that they are still unstable and note the known issues above!

Monday, 6 August 2012

We have hit 400 Tested device/Roms

Thats right, as of today 400 device working reports have been submitted, and if you ask me thats pretty dam impressive. With over 200 different devices tested and many with more than one Rom/kernel tested this shows just how widely usable LinuxonAndroid is! But there is still much work to be done and this project of cause will never really end so we will just keep going and keep making it better! Thank you all for your wonderful support

Friday, 3 August 2012

What do you use LinuxonAndroid for?

So the project just keeps growing with more and more uses trying out there favourite distros on there android device, but the big question we have been wondering what do you use the linux on your device for?

Please comment on the post and let me know what you have done with linux on your device, the odd and crazier the better!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Accepting Bitcoins for donations

I have decided to accept bit-coins for donations towards the project.
If you have never heard of bitcoins before you should really check them out, there are plenty of guides online to using them and its a great decentralised  digital currency.

Due to the anonymous side of bitcoins I can not easily generate donation key apps, so bitcoins are aimed more for just donations, however if you have made a bitcoin donation and would like a donation key, if you can provide proof via email that you sent the donation I will happly create a key for you.

My NEW bitcoin wallet address is 13XxX4R2UFSkyCRyPMDXV1fT6VqzFi9d9T  

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Other payment methods?

Im looking at other methods of payment for donations/buying donation keys, are there any other methods other than paypal that people would like me to support/use?

I currently do use bitcoins so could offer this as a payment method, but would anyone want/use it? and if not what about other methods?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.4

This is another small update to tide us over while we work on the next BIG update and improvements.

The update just adds a popup window if the terminal app can not be found (the reason behind the app crashes when you try and launch linux) when you try and launch linux, this will stop the app crashing if it cant be found, and will give some userful info instead of just crashing out.

Thats all for now but look out for another big update soon :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

IRC for help!

Yes we have decided to set up a second channel for general help you can come here if you need help quick (And someones online to help you that is). But if your having a issue that you think may well effect other users its recommend to post about it in the forum thread still so other users can see it.

The new channel is #linuxonandroid-help so head over to freenode and get some help :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

New IRC channel, listen to the devs at work!

We have now opened a IRC channel so we as a team can talk to each other while we work.
This channel is open to anyone that wants to listen, or if you have ideas you would like to add etc.

Please note that this channel is NOT for support if you need support use the current support methods!

The channel can be accessed on freenode here and the channel is #linuxonandroid

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Introducing a new team member

Today I am happy to introduce a new member to our little team, William Means aka WEM97.
He will be working with us to bring even more to the app and has already brought forward so very interesting ideas, so just as when martin joined look forward to some big new features ;)

I would also just like to thank Martin for all the work he has put into this project he has really helped make the project what it is today, and I look forward to working more with both team members, next few months could be a interesting time!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Calling Nexus 7 owners (or soon to be owners)

I am looking for users that have either got a Nexus 7 already or have preorder and will be getting one soon to test my project.
The Nexus 7 is a device I want to make sure is support as I feel it will be a great platform for linuxonandroid, however I have not been able to preorder one as I do not have the cash so until I can get one I would like other users to test and make sure everything is working well.
If you have any bugs etc please post in the main linuxonandroid xda thread:

I have been told that I can only have one thread for my project on XDA (which is completely fair enough) so the thread I had posted in the Nexus 7 subforum has been closed so this is why im posting here to ask for testers :)

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.3

Another small update fixing a few bugs and making some changes (see change log at the bottom of the post).

However the big change this version brings is three new buttons in the install guide menu, which will be the next three distros to get support, its been a long time since any new distros where given support so its time that changed!
You will have to download the new update and check to see what the three new distros will be (See it as a mini surprise), but the important info is like when I started work on ubuntu 12.04 until the new distros are 'stable' they will be only unlocked with donation key. Once I am happy enough general bugs have been smashed, and we have decided on what to include in which distro they will become 'stable' and be added to the free app.
So if you want early access to the new distros as they come out make sure you have a donation key bought and ready.
The first new distro beta will likely be released within a week with the others follow shortly after so keep an eye out for the update!

This version is also the first of the new app to make its way onto the sourceforge site, so you no longer have to use the market at all if you do not wish!
The update can be download from sourceforge here:

Change Log:

*Added 3 new buttons ready for future distros (have a look to see what the next distros will be ;) )
*Removed the links to the donation at the end of the guides
*Added small image 'ad' for the donation keys at the button of the install guides (will not show if you have a donation key installed)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.1

This is just a small update to fix a few bugs that have been popping up, the two fixed in this update are:

*Fixed md5 sum file not deleting after checking - which means the image will boot fine again when you try to boot for the second time!

*fixed script not using the busybox built into the new app - so no more cut missing errors and other busybox related issues!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Donation keys can now be bought via paypal!

You can now buy a donation key via paypal in the right hand column (or at the bottom of this post).
Simply make a donation of £1 or great (so anything you like from £1 - £1000000000+ (ok I can dream!)) and I shall then send you a customised donation key that once installed will unlock all the extra features of the  Complete Linux Installer.

Due to the customised nature of each key this process is yet to be automated so I will have to manually send you the key which should not take any more than 24 hours to do so!

Anyone who donates more than £5 will be added to the contributors page as with steady donations this project would not be possible!

Thank you all

Monday, 9 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to v1.1

This is a fairly small update but with a few new features/changes.
The biggest change being the new 'news' feature which acts as a rss reader for this blog allowing you to keep up to date with news about the project from within the app. I know this has been a feature a few people have requested in the past and now we are just working form the one app I decided it a great time to introduce it!
Anyway enjoy the new update, and those that have yet to update to the new free app (I know your out there!) your really missing out so jump on board today!

Complete Change log:

*New News section with a news feed right from the blog so you can keep up to date from within the app
*Bulgarian Translation added, thanks to Nikolay Suknyarov (NikolayS)
*Added links to donation keys at the end of the install guides (in free mode only)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

android.content.ActivityNotFoundException Error when using the boot widget or launcher menu item

This is a error that I have been getting reports about on the market error reporter. It has a very simply fix which is infact in the app market description, but I shall repeat it here. In order for the widget/button to not force close you MUST have this terminal app installed on your device:

 If the terminal is included in your ROM this will not work (As its installed in the system apps and not normal apps) so you will need to delete this and reinstall it from the market. You must also make sure you have the newest version of the terminal installed as older versions of the terminal will not work.

If you have done all the above and you still get the error please submit a support tick so we can look into it further

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Update Released!!

The big update has now hit the market.

The Complete Installer is now free with as the last post explained most features included for free!
The Three old paid apps have now become 'Donation keys' that unlocked extra features in the free app which at the moment is the Linux editor (to edit mounts and screen size etc within the app) but more features will be included in this soon.

All free Users should download the new free app now! from here:
(The old free apps will get one more update which will just point you to install the new app and then they will be removed from the market is about two weeks time)

Anyone that has bought any of the paid apps before should download the new update for this (making it the donation key). And then download the new free app, at which point the extra features will be unlocked for you.

Please note this new update has been tested on our devices however of cause being a new system there may well be bugs, if you find any report them right away and we shall aim to get them fixed quickly. In the past it has taken quite a long time for new updates to be released due to having 6 different apps, but now there is really only 2 (as all three key apps are the same just different package names) which will make bug fixing and  updating much much quicker.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy to announce the next big update!

So we have now got to a point where we are nearly complete on the next big update so I think its time I let everyone know what going to happen!

There will now only be one main app, this app will be free and called 'Complete Linux Installer' and will feature for free nearly everything in the current Complete Installer Installer you will get (most of) the Launcher menu and widgets as well as all three install guides and the ubuntu build guide!

The three paid apps will then become 'donation files' which act as keys to unlock the rest of the launcher menu (i.e the editor side of things) and in the future other extra feature. The donation apps will be priced at £1, £2 and £4 to allow you to decide how much you want to give towards the project, all three donation apps will be the same and give you the same features the pricing is simply to allow you to give what you think  it is whether.
We are keeping all three as well so that anyone that has bought any of the paid apps will be updated to the key file giving them all the extra features without having to pay anything again!

We are really existed about this update because it means that there will only be one app that needs to be updated, which means when ever theres a new image or feature we want to add theres only one app to add it to!
It also means that the users of the free app will be getting a taste of the joys of the launcher widget and menu item, and everyone will have the guide to build there own images if they so wish!
Don't worry those that have or will be buying the donation apps will be getting extra great features in the future and of cause you will still get the good feeling of helping this project keep going and growing!

This set up will also allow me to 'give out' donation keys if for example we plan a contest etc.

The ETA is not completely sure yet there are a few more bits to finish but its nearly complete so it should be pretty soon indeed.

From Martin and myself we would like to thank you all for supporting the project and hope you enjoy this next update as much as we think you will!

Monday, 25 June 2012

No updates?? whats going on?

OK so it has been quite a long time since alot of the apps have been updated and it would seem only the complete installer has been updated, I can understand why many of you might think that maybe the project is slowing down or coming to a end?

Well you would be wrong!
We are working on something new that will simplify everything, I will be 'leaking' more information about this as we get closer to finishing the new 'update' but what I will say is that as the project has grown to what it is now it has become far to much work to maintain 6 different apps and so we shall be changing this.
Don't worry this will be changes for the good and no one will miss out or have to buy anything again etc etc.

Keep a eye out for more updates soon

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Complete Installer update to v3.1.1

This is just a small update which brings 4 new localisations to the app, these are French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

Thank you to the below for doing the translations!

Marco Robles - Spanish Translation
Quentin Khan - French Translation
Stefanie Jung - German Translation
Ove Grunnér - Swedish Translation

This brings the app up to a total of 6 localisations!

If you are interested in translating the app to be localised for your language then check out this page 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Looking for more translators!

Hello again all,
We have already started working away at the 'next big' update which is set to simplify the whole set up and make everyones life much much easier!

But while thats cooking away we could really use more people to translate the apps text into other languages!
So far we have French and Spanish pretty much complete, but if you are a native or pretty much fluent in another language, and would like to contribute to the project this is how you can!

If your interested simply head over to the sourceforge download page HERE which has the five files you need to translate, follow the instructions there and send them to me once your done.

They will then be included in the next app update. If possible we will ask you to keep on board and translator any extra strings that are created when we make changes to the apps etc, but if you do not want to do this thats fine just let us know.

You will also be added to the contributors page here

Monday, 11 June 2012

Complete Linux Installer Updated to V3.1 (Its a big one!)

Its been a long time coming but the Complete Linux Installer has been updated to v3.1!

This is a huge update with a range of new features that will make the app far more than 'just' a installer, this complete change log is at the bottom of the post but lets take a second to look at a few of the new features!

The app now includes the boot script built in which means you only need to download the image you want, the script works for all images and has been greatly improved (see script part of change log)

The app can now also from the launch menu let you set up a image to boot on start up of android.

Alot of config settings can now be down within the app for the images (including screen size, starting vnc and ssh etc.)

We hope you enjoy the update as it has taken us quite some time to complete as much as we have!


*Added a config screen on the launcher.
*Added a mount editor to the config screen where new mounts can be added.
*Added a option to turn on/off start of SSH and VNC servers.
*Added resolution settings to the config screen.
*Added auto run options, the image can now be mounted automatically when android has booted.
*Added Danish translations.
*The launcher now warn you if the image path is wrong and hide the config and start button.
*Changed the widgets and launcher to use a full image name instead of the path and script name.
*Fixed grammar and spelling for English text
*Added torrent downloads for debian and backtrack


*It now asks if you want to start ssh and vnc at first boot and let you save the choices. (The complete installer app can change ssh/vnc start choices and change vnc resolution later, the free apps can do it by editing a file)
*Resolution and other settings are now saved the same place as the image itself so they are easy to edit. The file is called imagename.img.configs
*The permissions on /sdcard and /external_sd should be fixed now.
*Now the hosts and resolv.conf files are only written once, so changes the user make will now survive a restart.
*Plus a lot of changes to support the new config system, to many to mention.


*Changed the script so it now look for any of our apps and use busybox from there. If none of the apps are found it will use /system/xbin/busybox instead.
*Changed the shutdown part to use the apps busybox, now it should shutdown for everyone.
*Now we write hosts and resolv.conf file only once when the image first boots. This allow changes to those files to survive restart of the image.
*Plus a lot of small changes to support the new config system.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Poll to decide on new 'included' vnc viewer

The next big update for the complete linux installer is nearly complete (new images are being cooked as we speak). But we have decided it may be best to recommend a new VNC viewer to be installed and used instead of the current one due to the fact that the current vnc viewer does not handle special characters or mouse right clicks very well.

As such in the right hand bar you will see a poll of four different free VNC viewers which could be used as the recommendation within the app. If you could take the time to try these viewers (or if you have already used them or are using them) and select the one you like the best.

The fourth viewer is the current one so if your happy with that simply vote for that instead.

Thank you all

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hello all,
I am now back from my holiday and will tomorrow be starting on finishing up the next update for the apps, I have answered most of the backed up support tickets tonight, but the rest will be done tomorrow. If after tomorrow you do not get a reply it might have got lost in the 'system' and you might want to email me again if you still need help.

The next update for the complete installer put it simply, looking HUGE with over 15 different changes/fixes/new features its going to be a good one ;) we will also be releasing new ubuntu images, and  hopefully this week be releasing updates debian and backtrack images as well.

Stay tuned for more updates :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

"Gone fishing"

This is me signing off to get ready for holiday, I shall be leaving tomorrow and be back in a week at which point we shall get the next update ready which is going to be a big one!

Thank you all, see you in a week!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Ubuntu Installer Free updated to V3

Yes its time for the free app to get a nice little update bumping it up to v3

The change log:

*Added torrent links and Download links for 12.04 Images! and v7 script
*Complete rebuild of app
*Added built in busybox so no longer need to install it yourself! (only working with 1204 v7 boot script, will work with other distros in next update)
*New changelog viewer, not much to see but it will be much easier updating it in the future.
*Install guide updated to reflect the new Ubuntu images, and the fact that Ubuntu 12.04 is now stable

This will be one of the last 'big' updates for the free apps as it should now be very stable and includes all the stuff need to manually install and run Ubuntu. No new features will be added to the free app (Although when 12.10 hits stable this will be included) unless bugs come up and need to be fixed

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Looking for Grammar/Spelling checker/People to translate

As you may have noticed the new v3 versions of the apps include Dutch translations for the guides, and we would like to take this further and translate natively to a range of languages.

As such we are looking for people that can easily translate text from English to other languages, NOT just using google translate or other software but rather people who either natively speak or are fluent in other languages other than English or Dutch. All you will need to do is translate the text in the app for us (we will simply a file with all text to be translated) and in return you will get a free copy of all the complete installer. We would also like to be able to contact you in future to translate any new text that is added to the apps.

I also would like to find someone that will grammar and spelling check the English version of the text as it has been pointed out there are issues, this is down to me being very dyslexic and thus not seeing these issues. You would get the same as translators and once again we would like to keep you on for future text etc.

If anyone is interested please email me for more information!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Updates to come / whats going down in the next month

There is alot of work in the mill for the next release for the start of next month, so until then I thought I would just let you all know whats going to be happening in the next few weeks/month.

I have now started my exams (first exam was today) and these will be going on for the next two weeks during which I will not have so much time for the project, however in this time my plan is to get the last few apps up to v3, this includes the free apps and the paid backtrack app.

I shall then be taking a week holiday the week after my exams, after which it will be time to get down to hard work! 

So expect updates for the apps that havnt got to v3 in the next few weeks, then likely a brake of a week or two with no updates but then there will be the next wave of 'big' updates which will feature alot of customisation for the linux images (including settings screen size etc via the app).

I will be on holiday from the 27th of May until the 4th of June so there will be no customer support during this time (all support tickets will simply get a email stating this during that time) so if you have questions etc best ask them sooner or wait till after that week :)   

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to v3.0.1

This is just a small update to fix the issue where the debian install guide was crashing the app.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ubuntu Installer Paid updated to v3

This includes a whole host of updates bring it back in line with the complete installer updates, these updates include:

Ubuntu Installer Paid:
  • Added torrent links and uploaded 1204 images to v2 and boot script to v7
  • Added built in busybox so no longer need to install it yourself! (only working with 1204 v7 boot script, will work with other distros in next update)
  • New changelog viewer, not much to see but it will be much easier updating it in the future.
  • Completely rebuilt app from the ground up!
Ubuntu v7 boot script:
  • md5 file checking if found in the same directory as the image (md5 file now included in zip of each image file) This can take some time to excute but will make sure the image is not currpt! (will only do it on first use once its checked the md5 file is deleted)
  • Improved error handling
  • Now uses built in busybox within app
Ubuntu 12.04 v2 images:

  • Now boot using a normal user (call ubuntu), on first boot it will ask for you to set your own admin password for using running things as root. (thanks to barryflanagan for this!)
  • Images now once again ask if you wish to save the screen size as default
  • Ubuntu updated to newest updates
  • Images include md5 files to check image
  • +Plus possibly other tweaks I cant remember!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to V3 And can now be bought via paypal!

The Complete Linux Installer has been updated to v3, while there are no new features that app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up (something that's been worked on for some time) allowing feature updates and new features to be added easily.

As always this can be download from the market.

But with this release comes a new set up letting you buy the app via a new store! Payment can be taken buy either google checkout or paypal so you no longer need access to the market to buy the app or need a google account either (i.e user paypal :) ).
The new store can be viewed here where you can buy the app, if this is successful then I will likely bring the other paid apps here to but this is for now a test to see how well it goes.

The Paid Ubuntu app will be updated soon, I was planning to release this yesterday but decided to wait to release the v3 version of the paid app hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Support/feedback system!

I have set up the project a account with User voice, a service that gives ticket support, knowledge base and feature request systems.
This will allow you all to submit any new features you would like to see in new updates or submit a ticket if you have a problem! (A much easier way of handling support than just normal email).

You will notice on the blog there is now a 'feedback and support' button in the bottom corner of your screen, you can click this to use the user voice system or you can access the site via to vote on features and view the knowledge base etc!

You can also still email for support but this must be done using the email address:

The knowledge base and user voice site will be populated with the faq and more info and this will replace the faq on the blog at the moment.

For now please think about any features you would like to see and submit them! also vote on others as only those with votes will likely make it into a build

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to v2.6

The complete linux installer has been updated to v2.6 and is the first app to get a few updates that will be across all and some other apps.
Namely busybox installed within the app! After the next update for all apps busybox will be built in the apps to prevent the range of errors from busybox not being installed or being installed in the wrong location for the script etc. For this to work it is important to use the boot script that is downloadable from in that app and that app only! i.e the complete installer boot script will not with in the ubuntu free app.

The ubuntu 12.04 images have now also been updates to v2 (change log below) which will be included in the paid ubuntu app and the free ubuntu app with there next update!

All apps in the next updates will have source forge and torrent download links!

Changes log:
Complete linux installer:
  • Added torrent links and uploaded 1204 images to v2 and boot script to v7
  • Added built in busybox so no longer need to install it yourself! (only working with 1204 v7 boot script, will work with other distros in next update)
  • New changelog viewer, not much to see but it will be much easier updating it in the future.
Ubuntu v7 boot script:
  • md5 file checking if found in the same directory as the image (md5 file now included in zip of each image file) This can take some time to excute but will make sure the image is not currpt! (will only do it on first use once its checked the md5 file is deleted)
  • Improved error handling
  • Now uses built in busybox within app
Ubuntu 12.04 v2 images:

  • Now boot using a normal user (call ubuntu), on first boot it will ask for you to set your own admin password for using running things as root. (thanks to barryflanagan for this!)
  • Images now once again ask if you wish to save the screen size as default
  • Ubuntu updated to newest updates
  • Images include md5 files to check image
  • +Plus possibly other tweaks I cant remember!
Enjoy the updates and look forward to the update to the paid ubuntu app in the next few days :)

Monday, 30 April 2012

The results are in

The poll is now over the votes are in and all future apps will include links to download from source forge, and torrent links will be built in.
This does mean no more ftp server for the paid apps but don't worry you will get extra features soon ;).

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New team member

I would like to introduce a new team member to the project (making it no longer a one man band! :P) he has worked in the passed for me and created the new one click boot in the complete installer, however has been coming up with some really nice stuff so we have agreed that He should now be a team member!

I would like to introduce tuxling he will be working with me to increase the usability of the apps and making the whole system even easier to use!

Please welcome him and I know you will love the stuff he will be producing :D

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Time to Choose how you want future versions to be downloaded!

With Ubuntu 12.04 reaching stable tomorrow,  I will shortly after this be releasing a new wave of Ubuntu 12.04 images (don't worry backtrack it will be your go next!), but as with the last full image has shown me uploading 1.3GB of data on a upload speed of 125kb/s can cause some problems with corruptions etc.

Also now that the free files are on source forge (for those that don't remember they used to be hosted on multiupload) the speed difference between source forge and the ftp server used in the paid apps can be very little if at all at peek times.

So my idea would be to do away with the FTP server, and simply host the files on source forge, BUT also host torrent downloads on a seedbox which I costs me as much as the FTP server, so I can do away with that and buy the new seedbox.

The question is how would you want downloads? There is a poll in the sidebar that I would like everyone to answer to help decide what type of download 'links' will be included in the apps. Please comment on this post if you have any other ideas.

Really I do think that torrents are the way forward for this kind of media, as the files are so large downloading normally can coarse alot of problems, something torrents do away with. But you are my supporters so I want to know your views on the matter!

New support email

I have set up a new email just for support for this project, the old address was used for many things and as the project has grown to as large as it is it as meant when people want support this emails can sometimes get lost in with other emails and be forgotten about.
Anyway the new email address for support is:

This is only for support for this project so I shall be sure to answer all your questions.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Known issue - New Ubuntu 12.04 v1 Full image download corrupt

It seems that the full file is corrupt on my ftp server (and maybe source forge but not sure on this one). This is likely due to my slow upload speed to my ftp server (about 125kb/s) meaning it takes along time to upload and gives plenty of room for corruption.
Well along with the release of the new images I have started to create torrent downloads for my files instead, which will prevent the problem of corrupt along with giving faster download rates, and a nice way for people to support the project by seeding the images.
In the next paid apps updates torrents will be included as a download option (There are a few good torrent clients for android or you could just use the torrent file to download from a computer).
But for now if you are having this issue of corrupt downloads head over to the download page on this blog and you will find links for the torrent files :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Updates updates updates!

Today we have a wave of updates for the paid apps:
Complete Linux Installer:

*One click boot widget and buttons fixed, however you MUST UPGRADE TERMINAL APP to newest version in order to work
*New Ubuntu 12.04 stable images in core, small and full sizes.
*Full Ubuntu 12.04 has working Unity desktop!

Ubuntu Installer Paid:

*One click boot widget and buttons fixed, however you MUST UPGRADE TERMINAL APP to newest version in order to work
*New Ubuntu 12.04 stable images in core, small and full sizes.
*Full Ubuntu 12.04 has working Unity desktop!

Backtrack Install Paid:

*One click boot widget and buttons fixed, however you MUST UPGRADE TERMINAL APP to newest version in order to work

So thats right as of today the 12.04 images have hit stable release, these will be included in the next update to the free ubuntu app but are in todays updates to the complete linux installer and the paid ubuntu installer.

All the paid apps are being updated today because I decided it was very important to get the update to fix the one click boot stuff out ASAP so you could use it again.

However those that have not yet updated there terminal apps will now need to in order to keep using the one click boot :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Known bug, new Terminal Emulator app V1.0.42 brakes one click boot widget/button

In the newest version of the terminal emulator the boot widget and boot button within the paid apps will no longer work (when you press the widget it just opens the terminal doesnt run the boot script).

This is because in the new version there has been a change to how the terminal handles other apps starting the terminal and running commands, this was done to make it far more secure and safe for users.

But this means I must make the changes to the apps to bring them in line with the new terminal, this may take a few days. So in order to keep the widgets working for now do not update v1.0.42, I shall let you all know when the update is released and which point you will HAVE to update the terminal app otherwise the widgets once again will not work.

Its a little pain, but will make everything more secure :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

New working device list

I am in the process of creating a new working device table which is being powered by a google docs form.

This way you can all simply enter your device/rom/kernel etc and help keep the list up to date as lately I have been working hard on the app/images and forgot about the working device list.

SO please fill out this form here with your device information if you have got any of the distros running on your device. Thank you for your time

Friday, 13 April 2012

Complete Linux Installer V2.2 Released

The new update for the complete installer has just been released!
The key change to this release is the new one click boot system, which now lets you set the location of your linux images and boot script so you no longer have to store the files in sdcard/ubuntu etc they can be where ever you like.
This release also now includes the much demanded boot widgets for each distro, and you can set the location of the files for the boot script to!

This great new system was designed by Martin Møller who kindly donated it to the project, I am very grateful for his work and anyone who wants to say thank you for this great new system, drop him a nice donation :)
His paypal email address is

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Addon for Complete Linux Installer - Linux Launcher

This app is designed to allow you to launch and run your linux installs, the key difference is this allows you to set the location of your boot script so you can use the launcher no matter where you have your linux scripts/images

you MUST have the complete linux installer installed in order for this app to work.
This app was designed and made by Martin Møller, and will in the future be integrated with the complete installer however for now is a addon.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Debian Installer Free released

The free Debian Installer has just hit the market:

Key features include:
Three types of Debian image 'core', 'lightweight', 'full'
Both have:
Ability to install a full operating system on your phone 
XFCE Desktop (very lightweight)
Working update manager
Ability to access files on your SD card and internal memory from Debian
Ability to set screen size on boot (you no longer have to download a certain image for different screen sizes!)

Full is includes:
900MB download, which is 3.5GB once extracted
Full XFCE desktop with all the addons
Lots of apps perfect for 'developing' including

Lightweight image includes:
500MB download, which is 2GB once extracted
Includes only apps required for everything to work, leaving lots of space for your own programs but having a smaller image

Core image includes:
*200MB to download 750MB once extracted
*Just the base system including no GUI just command line

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Debian Installer Free Video

Well here is a little something to get you all excited for the debian app (and the complete linux installer).
This is the video of the free debian installer app.
You will notice that for the debian images I am using XFCE as requested by a few people, and I have to say I love it! (been using the large build for a few days on my phone)

Complete Linux Installer Updated and out of Beta

I have just released a update for the complete Linux Installer.
This includes so bug fixes but the main new feature is the Installer now includes the Debian images and install guide!
SO now the app has more than the other two paid apps combined ;)
The boot widgets still do not work but this should be updated over the next few days to fix this.

Want to support the project further?
Want to get a peace of Debian love before the free Debian app is released?
Want to make sure you get all updates before anyone else?
Want to make sure you get all future Linux distros?

Then buy today :)

(on another note the free debian app will be released to the market within the next week)

Complete Linux Installer Beta released!

The first version of the new signal paid app has been release to the market!
This is a beta version as a few features do not yet works but by the end of the weekend these should be fixed.
Features of the new app include

*Install guides for Ubuntu and Backtrack (Debian to come soon!)
*All updates for all linux distros before other apps
*All features from the paid ubuntu and backtrack apps
*Boot widgets for all support linux distros (however this is not included in this version, will be in next update!)

The idea behind this app is that by buying this app you will get all future Linux distros that I support included in the app, thus this will be the last linux installer you will ever need to buy!
It will always feature everything that I do for the linux on android project.

The first thing you will get before anyone else will be the debian install guide and fast downloads for it, I am just waiting for the files to upload to the server so this should be done hopefully tonight!

There is only one bug right now and that is the lack of widgets, I had some problems getting more than one widget to work but should have this fixed by the end of the weekend.

This is by no means the finished project and is a BETA, but if you can't wait buy now and get the updates right away :D

Monday, 26 March 2012

And the next Linux Distro will be.....*Drum roll*

Thats right the next Linux distro has (finally) played nice and built into a nice image file we have all grown to love (or possibly hate?).
This will come in the form of a free app 'shortly' (within the next week I hope) and will be the first distro to only be included in the new 'one paid app'.

There will be two sized images as before a bigger one with more programs and a small one with much less, but the question is what desktop environment should I include as default? I will likely stick to Gnome for this one but if you have something you would rather see this is your time to speak up.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Torrent download option?

I have been thinking about this idea for some time and wondering if people would be interested.
The idea would be one large torrent with all the files that you would require for each Linux Distro (the app/boot script/image) shared using good old torrents!

The question is would you guys want this?
And would anyone with a seedbox be willing to support this torrent? (my home upload speed is ~150kb/s :( )

Please reply to this post with your views.

Ubuntu installer free updates + NEW Backtrack installer Free!

Thats right its update time again!
Ubuntu installer free has been updated to V2.2 and includes the following changes:

*Typos and errors in guide fixed
*New images to reflect the new Google play store
*Device list in FAQ link changed to new page with a much bigger list
*App code streamlined and changes made ready for next big update

But what I am sure most of you are interested in is the new Free Backtrack installer!
In the best a few have asked why there is no free version of backtrack and its always come down to really there only needing to be one free app to test the method. However every now and then people seem to be able to install Ubuntu but not Backtrack and thus end up buying the backtrack app but can't use it.
This isn't ideal and so how I structure all my Linux distro apps is changing!
Each distro will get its own free installer with all the normal features, but like the free ubuntu (And now backtrack) apps it will not include the boot widget, or fast downloading and updates will come slower.

There will then be ONE paid app that will sell for ~£2 and will include ALL the installers along with all the normal paid features. What does this mean? well for every future Linux Distro I do if you buy the one paid app it will be included free of charge! so there will no longer be a paid app for each distro but just one paid app that covers all of them.
Don't worry the paid Backtrack and Ubuntu apps will continue to get updates with all the new features and before the free apps, but the 'One' app will get updated before these.

This new app will be released in the coming weeks along with a third Linux Distro!

Anyway hit up the market for the free Backtrack installer now!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ubuntu Installer paid updated to V2.2 + Lots more updates to come!!

The Paid Ubuntu Installer app has just been updated to V2.2, while this is a rather small update and really just fixes some of the small problems with the last version It also ready's the app for the big updates that are to come soon!
There is a planned 'wave' of updates for the existing apps plus new ones for you to try!
So watch this space things should start to get moving again very shortly :D

The change log for the paid app is as follows:
*Device list in FAQ link changed to new page with a much bigger list
*V6.1 boot script included
*App code streamlined and changes made ready for next big update

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Ubuntu 12.04 image

I have just finished uploading a new 12.04 image which brings the images back in line with all the updates from the beta release and other updates up to today. There are also a few other small bug fixes but this update is primarily just to bring it back in line with the main progress of Ubuntu 12.04

You may also wish to have a look in the sourceforge projects download section...might just give a few ideas on whats to come in the future soon ;)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Smoke rises from the chimney once more

I have not forgot you worry not, work has started on a new version of the 12.04 image to bring it back up to date, along with fixes for the apps and also an update for backtrack.
I also have another linux distro in the pipe work (guess go on ;) ) and working on a new app that will unify everything...but anything more than that would be telling so you shall just have to wait and see

New ways to buy my apps?

Well Google have still yet to pay for last months sales, and quite frankly I need this money and so I am thinking about looking at other ways I could sell and distribute my apps, I am looking for a system that would allow users to buy the app via a webpage using paypal, then would then get a generated serial code to activate the app.
I have found one system that would do this for me found here but the question is do you think you would use this? or perhaps you know a better system?.

It comes down to the fact I really want the money to come straight into my account and not float about in Google accounts never really sure if it will make it into my bank account.

Project included in this weeks i++ newsletter

This week my project has been included in the University of Essex School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering News letter, this will be added to the press page.
If you have a blog and have talked about my app please let me know and I shall add it to the press page!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Front page of source forge :D

We did it, there is the project in all its amazingness (four one down)...however I am not sure why they havn't used my logo but hey ho its still there.
Just amazing how this project has grown so much, Well anyway best get back to making a new 12.04 images, its been a while since the last test image!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Backtrack and Ubuntu free updates!

Both the Backtrack installer and the Free Ubuntu installer have now been updated to version 2.1.
This version now includes the new V6 boot script for both apps which includes the below features:

*Using relative links within the script which mean you can now place the script and image where ever you like and the script will work! (note however that the one click boot will still only work if the files are in sdcard/ubuntu)
*Script now checks to see if you have an external sdcard mounted and will mount it (not just if it’s on the sdcard/external_sd)
*Error massages fixed and cleaned up
*More Documentation within the script to make it easier to see what does what

With the release of the new free version also shows the start of something a little different, I will be hosting all versions of the free app on the sourceforge page here:

This will allow you to install my app if your device does not have market access or if you want to install another version of the app other than the current version.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Calling all blog owners/writers!

I am looking to promote my apps further as development moves forward into 12.04!
While the app(s) have gotten a fair amount of press through many blogs I have yet to have any message or contact me about a interview or talk.
I am more than happy to give a interview (be it via email/gtalk/what ever) to any blogs that are looking to do a more in depth review/report on my app and this project.
In return I would happily create a page about press releases and include links to each blog that does a report.

My goal is to get this project out as much as possible, so everyone can get Ubuntu on there android device (and with over 30,000 installs of the free app its safe to say I am getting there!)

So if your interested email me.

Project to be featured on Source forge home page!

Thats right thanks to the large volume of file downloads and interest in the project on the source forge page from Monday for one week my project will be on the home page!
Needless to say I am working to get the source forge in better shape as its highly likely a lot more people will be viewing it over the week.
I have already sorted out folders for the source code of my boot scripts and a folder where I will place all future versions of the free app encase you are unable to download from the market!

I would love it if a few more people would recommend the project before Monday and if a few people could write some reviews that would be great!

Once again I must thank you all for building the project to what it is!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

That time again (sadly)

Well its assignment time again for me at Uni so my time for working on this has once again been cut alot. I do plan to try and get a new 12.04 image out this week and also update the free ubuntu app and the backtrack app with the new v6 boot scripts and other small updates. But in a few weeks time I should again have plenty of time and push hard with getting X11 working and a better more automated installer!

Looking for new logo(s)

I am looking to create a better logo for the linuxonandroid project along with new logos for all the apps, and new header images for the market pages.

If anyone would like to come up some designs for any of the above please email me with them.

As this is something I do not have much time right now to do this so any help from people would be great!

Now live on Twitter and Google+

We are now live on Twitter and Google+ completing the trio of social networks I shall be using to beam the content straight to you!!/Linuxonandroid

Enjoy :)

Linux On Android is now on facebook!

So I have decided to start setting up 'official' social media pages for the project (I have been posting through my google+ and twitter), This gives everyone easier ways to follow whats going on in the project, and a range of ways to contact me and users if you have any problems or questions/ideas etc etc.
I have decided there will be a google+ and twitter accounts along with the facebook just set up, so get liking :) and I shall update with info of google+ and twitter accounts tomorrow!

Thank you all

What do you want to see in the 12.04 builds?

So after Canonical posted about there 'amazing' 'new' ubuntu running on android, I started thinking about some of the features they where offering and thought that for the best part it would be quite easy to integrate some stuff e.g pictures and videos taken on the android device, music stored on the device etc etc, after all the sdcard is already mounted might as well put it to use.
But the question is does anyone really want this?
Perhaps it should wait for my stable 12.04 and I should work more on getting unity and native X11 working first?

Please let me know what you want to see first in the next few releases, after all we have a good few months until stable 12.04 might as well see what we can cram in before then :)

You have control over what comes first!
(of cause keep it sensible no I am not going to port WINE and port windows programs to arm :P at least not right now.....)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

New 12.04 full image

Another update to the 12.04 image has just been pushed and a update to the paid app has been uploaded to the market to include this image.
The image change log is:

*Synced to updates as of today
*Fixed boot not asking for screen size (had left defualt boot saved)
*Installed Midori as a working web browser and removed Firefox (kept crashing)

Get it from source forge now:

Or wait for the paid app update to come to you to download from my server

Friday, 24 February 2012

Paid app updated to V2.1

The new update has just hit the market which includes:

*PAID new 12.04 images in testing
*PAID now includes 12.04 image install guide
*change logs now for script/images/app apart in app
*New V6 boot script which allows you to place the files anywhere and it will boot, along with other bug fixes (see boot script change log)
*Install guides grammer fixed and updated in line with newest images
+More see the change logs in the app for more details!

It might take a short while to hit the market but the update should be pushed to a device near you soon!

Change log archive

In the new app update the change logs will be split to app/bootscript/image to make it easier to find whats changed in what, as such the old change logs will be removed so here they are below as a archive, its quite nice looking back at how much progress has been made in little over two months!

*New V5 small image featuring fixed Java even more lightweight (now around 1.2GB free) and user can set screen size on boot
*PAID New Build guide which shows you how to build your own Ubuntu images
*Brand new UI To make the whole thing more useable
*PAID new one click boot feature to allow quick booting from either the widget or inside the app
*PAID new widget to activate the one click boot
*PAID app install guide changed in light of one click boot\n*Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters in Gnome

*Large ubuntu image now allows user to set screen size on boot!
*Large Ubuntu image now lets you select between LXDE and Gnome desktops\n*Large Ubuntu image has been recompiled to fix the likes of Java (note some of the above changes will be included in the small image in the future)
*FAQ section updated with more answers to questions I have been getting
*Install guide updated in light of the new large image

*PAID app file downloads now use new fast FTP server and support direct downloading (click the button to download a image and it starts to download right away)
*New boot script which has fixed problems with it not booting on alot of devices, and fixed problem which some people getting a grey screen when loading UI
*Boot script now downloaded in zip file to fix problems with downloading script
*Both apps fixed to support low resolutions
*Both apps cleaned up

*PAID app now supports 960x540 qHD resolution
*ALL Ubuntu lightweight images cleaned up even more saved another 300MB of space
*ALL Ubuntu images updated with all new updates
*ALL Ubuntu images now in .zip format to fix problems with some peoples devices failing to extract the .rar files
*Boot script updated, once booted now terminal acts like a command line interface for Ubuntu, and some boot problems now fixed
*Image and boot script now downloadable separately to allow easy updating of the script

*FREE APP new lightweight ubuntu images for 800x480
*PAID APP new lightweight ubuntu images for all resolutions\n\n15/12/11
*Ubuntu updated with all updates as of today
*FREE APP ubuntu image now resolution 800x480 to fit most phones
*PAID APP ubuntu image now has four resolutions 800x480, 854x480, 1024x600 and 1280x800"

*New 10.10 image update
*New built in script in Ubuntu to start vncserver and other services on boot
*SD card is accessible from within Ubuntu
*Image changed to 3.5GB to fit if you have a 4GB SD Card
*The ubuntu boot scripts are now on easy to use script!
*More working programs (including software centre etc)
*Default desktop changed back to LXDE
*More apps for developing

New 12.04 full image and Boot script

I have two new treats for you all.
Firstly there is a new 12.04 image which includes:
*Synced to updates as of today
*Chromium still having issues so firefox also included for now
* (the second half of the boot up) now lets you save your screen size as a default
*update manger, software center and synaptic package manger installed

The biggest change is that it now lets you save your default screen size so if your using my one click boot after the first boot you don't have to type anything into the terminal at all! (this is saved in a 'defaultboot.txt' file in /root to remove the defualt just delete this file)

There is also a new version (V6) of the Boot script, this script will work with both my 10.10 and 12.04 images and includes:
*Using relative links within the script which mean you can now place the script and image where ever you like and the script will work! (note however that the one click boot will still only work if the files are in sdcard/ubuntu)
*Script now checks to see if you have an external sdcard mounted and will mount it (not just if it’s on the sdcard/external_sd)
*Error massages fixed and cleaned up
*More Documentation within the script to make it easier to see what does what

The paid app will be updated hopefully today or tomorrow with the new boot script and new 12.04 images


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Canonicals post on Ubuntu within Android

As some of you may have seen Canonical (the company behind ubuntu) has posted information 'running ubuntu on dual core android' seen here
The XDA forums threads for my app have had a few people asking about this and I would like to put my views across (of cause these are my views not facts).
It seems to me that they are looking to join forces with phone manufacturers to start building ubuntu on/with android on future devices, they seem to only worry about wanting devices with at least two cores..which is very odd, my desire s runs ubuntu fine its only signal core!

As such getting anything usable from this 'project' may well not been seen for some months and even then may be very limited on how it works and on what devices it works on, its likely a 'cleaner' method would be found to running ubuntu but this would simply mean less devices could run it.

I am basing this on the Ubuntu TV project that was released a while ago but nothing has been seen for the open source/community.

Now the other question some might be thinking after seeing this, what about my app?
Well I will certainly not be giving up this project unless all interest in it dies, everyday I work close to getting more devices running and making the process even easier, with the release of my 12.04 images the focus is speed, usability and getting more devices the sweet Ubuntu love!

Once again thank you all for your interest, this project has blown my mind at how many people are interested!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

First 12.04 full image now online

The first of my full 12.04 test images is now being uploaded and will be ready within  the hour.
This image is:

*Using LXDE for now due to problems with unity
*Chromium is included as browser but has problems displaying anything (will fix for next release)
*As this is the first release there are a whole host of issues please email me issues ( if they are not already reported in mainstream ubuntu 12.04

As always these are test images so they are very unstable!

Hears a picture of the newer LXDE desktop while you wait

Just hit 1000 Sales

I have just clocked up 1000 sales (including both backtrack and ubuntu sales) and would like to thank everyone that has support the project so far, its great to see such a response to something that started so small and I hope it continues to grow!

So thank you once again everyone who has bought my app and lets hope it keeps as strong so I can find the time to keep working hard on bringing new and easy ways of getting linux on your android devices!

Hopefully later tonight the GUI build will be ready but a note that it will not be unity to start with as there are issues with it, so for now the GUI will be LXDE until this bugs are fixed.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

[UPDATE] 12.04 test images hit Source-forge!

core image is now online sorry about that

Well after much posting saying that I will be building new images, and nothing happening for a while, the day has come.
In the past I have built my images from 10.10 and people have asked why I havn't updated this was because I was waiting for a buildable version of 12.04, which I have finally got working.

These images are purely for TESTING and in no way stable (after all 12.04 is only alpha 2 right now!) but I will be uploading images to source forge for you all to test if you wish.

New releases will be made to follow the releases of milestone versions of main Ubuntu (i.e alpha, beta etc) and possibly other releases between then as I make changes reading the build as a final build once the final official version is released. Until the final release if you wish something that is stable please stick to my 10.10 images, however the 10.10 images will no longer be updated. Before you post a bug please check on the Ubuntu bugs to see if it is something Ubuntu related and not related to just my build.

There will be two types of build 'core' and 'full'.

The 'core' images include only the most basic Ubuntu build with no GUI (however tightvncserver is set up if you wish to install one).
This is perfect if you do not want a GUI or want to install everything yourself, plus the download is much smaller

The 'full' images include a GUI and a range of programs, for now these images are like the old 'lightweight' images. 

But once we hit stable release I will build a larger image with the complete range of software.

The first core image is now live with a full image coming hopefully tomorrow!

For now enjoy :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

What have I been up to???

So the its been a good few days since I have posted, so what have I been up to?
Well firstly today I released a 2.0.1 update for the backtrack app as there was a error which meant it downloaded the wrong boot script.

Other than this there is yet to be more updates primarily because its once again Uni assignment time, which means my free time is very limited. But trust me I have plenty ideas for future releases which include a few of the following some of which i have started to already work on, these include:

  • New updates to the boot script to make it work no matter where you put it!
  • New updates to the multi-boot system to make it far smarter and less bugy
  • Brand New 12.04 (alpha 2) 'test' image
  • Working device database
  • Plus more that I have forgot about at the moment.
So don't worry the project isn't dieing or anything simply slowing down for a week or so (possibly 2) while I do Uni work, then I am right back in to the project!
as always if you have anything you would like to see in future releases please post!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ubuntu Installer Free 2.0 released

The new version of the free installer has now been released, featuring the same UI as the other installers and updated download links to source forge. The app also features a feature list comparing what you get in the free and paid apps.

If you have the free app installed check for updates now!
And if you are reading this and don't have my free or paid ubuntu apps then download and try it!

(might take a few minutes for the new version to show up, but its loaded!)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Backtrack installer 2.0 live!

The 2.0 update for Backtrack installer has just dropped on the marketplace!
Get it while its hot.
And for those that have not bought it yet, with this update the price point has been changed to 99p to be inline with the Ubuntu paid image.
You can have both Ubuntu and Backtrack on your sdcard at the same time (so long as you have the free space) so if you fancy trying a different linux distro get it while its hot!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Backtrack V5 image cooked

The new version of the backtrack image is now cooked and ready, I shall be uploading tonight/tomorrow and then just have to finish up the app itself and then all will be ready to release.

A few have asked what are my plans after 2.0
Well I shall for atleast a week or so have to slow down development as this terms assignments have been released for a few of my Uni modules, so need to get these out of the way.
After that its back on the apps, a few features I will look to include are:

  • Set location of the boot script/image for one click boot feature
  • Mount both internal and external storage on a wider range of devices
  • App automatically will create folder, download image and extract at the push of a button (this one will take some work but will get there for sure)
If there is anything else you would like to see in future releases please let me know!

Backtrack 2.0 in the works

I have decided to wait to push the free Ubuntu update until I have updated the Backtrack app, as I think it would be very much unfair to those that have paid to not get updates before those that haven't. The change log for the backtrack update will look something like this:

*User can set screen size on boot
*Brand new UI To make the whole thing more useable
*New 'one click boot' feature to allow quick booting from either the widget or inside the app
*New widget to activate the one click boot
*App install guide changed in light of 'one click boot'
*Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters

It is of cause subject to change before really but should give you a good idea of whats to come.
With the release of the update I shall also be permanently changing the apps price to 99p to keep it inline with the paid version of the Ubuntu app. A release should be finished by the end of the weekend with then the free Ubuntu app being pushed shortly after that.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Free version 2.0 nearly complete

The free version of my Ubuntu installer is nearly ready for release, just sorting a few bugs before it is ready.
This version will feature the new app UI, and have both the small and large V5 Ubuntu images for download via my sourceforge project site (not the fast server found in the paid version).

Unlike the paid version the free version will not include the build guide or the one click boot feature, these are paid app only features (and at 99p its not going to brake the bank!). In the past the paid app has not had many extra features, but in the future the paid version will get more and more features to make the install process easier and faster!
While the free version will still give you all you need to install and boot you will have to do alot more yourself.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ubuntu Installer 2.0 Live on the market!

Thats right the wait is over, last minute bugs have been stamped out and the new update is live, should be coming to a device near you soon!
I would strongly recommend that you update ASAP as the new version is a real overhaul from the old app.
Here is a video of the new update, if you still are not sure:

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ubuntu Installer Paid 2.0 Cooked and ready to be tasted

Well tasted by my beta testers anyway...but yes 2.0 for the Paid app is ready! so long as there are no more bugs the new update will be loaded to the market tomorrow.
Note that once the new update is on-line the sale will end, so if you have not already grap your paid copy for 20%!!

The change log for the new version is:

*New V5 small image, featuring fixed Java, even more lightweight (now around 1.2GB free) and user can set screen size on boot
*PAID New Build guide which shows you how to build your own Ubuntu images
*Brand new UI To make the whole thing more useable
*PAID new 'one click boot' feature to allow quick booting from either the widget or inside the app
*PAID new widget to activate the one click boot
*PAID app install guide changed in light of 'one click boot'
*Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters in Gnome

The free version should then be updated by the end of next week and will include the new UI and the new V5 small image and Gnome mapping fix.

Backtrack will then be updated shortly after that to include pretty much everything in the change log above (apart from the small image, there is still no small image for backtrack)

Good news just gets better!

Well over the past few days the new 2.0 version of the Paid app has been flying along, now with only two last features to finish, the new boot script and the extra features alot of you used from the picture!

That is in 2.0 of the paid app there will be a 'one click boot' feature as seen in the picture as 'launch ubuntu' this will also be included in a widget to make it even easier.
I had been looking at integrating a terminal into my app itself, however it is possible to start the terminal app and pass initial commands from another app, i.e. you can still use the amazing android  terminal app linked in my app and have one click boot!

Now if all goes to plan the paid app 2.0 may well get released VERY soon...followed by a free version (which will not include the build guide or the one click boot) next week, and then its time for backtrack to get some more love!

Friday, 27 January 2012

[UPDATE] V5 Small images ready for upload

Well I have finally finished the new small V5 image, features from the old small image include:

  • Input screen size on boot
  • Image cleaned up a little more (2.5GB size with 1.2GB free space)
  • Java fully working
  • Firefox replaced with Epiphany a much lighter web browser
Please note this image does not let you switch between Gnome and LXDE simply because Gnome takes up alot of space.

The new image will be included in the 2.0 release of the apps (paid next week then free week after) but they are now uploading so I will include a link once its uploaded if you can't wait for the app!

Image is now live, get it at sourceforge!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Taste of things to come

So I have spent alot of today working on the app, manly the new small image (having a few problems but will be done soon!) and working on the new UI...along with a few extra features yet to be posted ;).
Check out the below picture for a taste....and hints of what's to come

Apps on Sale 20% off!

For the next two weeks both my Backtrack and Ubuntu apps will be 20% off to build up support for the next 'big' update!
Features will likely include:

[*]Updated image to allow user to select screen size on boot
[*]Better handling of mounting external and internal device memory
[*]Boot script and image can be placed where ever to boot
[*]New app UI for better across device support
[*]Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters in Gnome
[*]+more to come!

Now I am also looking for extra features/bugs that I may have missed, so if you have something that you would like to see in the next build please let me know!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Source-forge project

I have set up a Source Forge project for the linux on android project where I will host all the files for the free version (paid still has the faster ftp server) as well as the source for the boot scripts and over scripts used in Ubuntu.
My main reason for doing this is that it will allow me to keep much better track of bugs and also provide a much more vast FAQ in the forum of the wiki
If anyone is interested in joining my project as a development for one area or another please contact me!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

SOPA strike - Tomorrow

Tomorrow all my sites shall be going offline, and I shall not be doing any work on my linux to android as a protest to everything that is wrong with the US goverment.
If SOPA is aloud to pass the wonderful work at XDA could be stopped!!!

I hope you all support the blackout across the internet

Monday, 16 January 2012

Todays work

Sadly (well for you guys anyway) I have started back at Uni today and those my free time as been cut down alot, so today I had no time to do any work towards linux on android, my plan for this week is to update the small ubuntu image with the new bits and then update the paid app.
Then my next job will be updating the backtrack image to include the new changes (however for now it will not be getting other desktop environments).
Then some time text week the free app will get updated, the free app will include the two desktop environment, but will not let you change screen size before boot.

Unity is still in the pipe line but like I said time is tight, once it is released however I have decided to only include it in the paid ubuntu app as it has taken alot of work so far and more to come.

Thank you all, and good night!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

[UPDATE - IMAGE LIVE] New beta image to be released soon

Ok so the bad news is unity isn't playing so nice right now and so will not be included in the next release. The good news is the new image is now uploading and will be ready for download hopefuly today, this is still a good size update, and if everyone tests and likes it then I will update the paid app tomorrow with the new image!

The image is now upload and ready for your to download a test, plrease report back on the xda forum if there are any bugs!

Friday, 13 January 2012

[UPDATE] Update - Ubuntu images

I have a nice treat for you all today, A new Ubuntu image will be coming out tonight for beta testing (once its finished uploading).
This is the rebuilt image I have been talking about, so all programs are now fixed and ready to rock, also built in  to the image, on boot it will ask you to select what screen size you want, and the best feature it will ask you which desktop environment you want to use!
For now Gnome and LXDE are included but more will follow once bugs in them are cleared up.

I will include the download link here and on the xda forums once it has been uploaded to multiupload, if all works well it will be uploaded to my ftp server and added to the paid app! (free app will get it shortly after)

It is important to note you now MUST type 'exit' in terminal to shut Ubuntu down, if you reboot before doing this it will brake the desktop selection system.
(This is fixable, you just need to select the same desktop you used before reboot, boot into it and then press type exit)

The upload is on hold as I have had a large brake through with unity thanks to XDA member leonardoaraujo so I will get Unity working as well before I upload the new test image

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Future Features

Here is a updated list of futures I plan to release in the next 'few' releases of the apps...I am still unsure what will make it to the free apps, comes down to amount of work needed for different features I guess. Will keep you all up to date on that, anyway on with the list!

  • Automatic creation of the folder on sdcard required by the app
  • Automatic download over a secure password (hard coded into app) protected connection to my ftp server
  • Automatic extraction of files once download, moving them to the folder created by the app
  • Built in terminal which will allow the user to click one button (or widget) to run the boot script and then give access to command line within my app
  • New Ubuntu builds to fix some programs including Java
  • Boot script will let the user select which desktop enviorment they want to use (In the Ubuntu apps, this will start just LXDE and Gnome but more will follow) and also allow the user to set what screen size they want before boot
  • Boot script changes to solve a few boot problems still remaining
There will be more than these for sure and if you have any features you would like to see please let me know!

Todays Work

"Today's work" posts will be posts about quite simply what I have done today with the app, these may not be everyday if one day I was to busy to do much but other days these might be rather long posts.
Anyway on with the first post :D

Today I have been working on the slew of new features I will be bringing to the Paid apps (a few features will also make it to the free ubuntu app) to make the whole install process more configurable and automatic.
I have started by focusing on the configurable side of things to start with. Two of these features infact, the first will allow you to set the linux screen size at boot, for now this is done within the terminal. The boot script asks you for the two dimensions and the screen will then be created with these, this way I only have to host one image for each 'type' and you have complete control of the screen size. This is almost finished to need to polish the text up a bit and it will be ready for the next release.

The second feature is allowing the user to select from different GUI's on boot to use what they like the most. To start with this will only include Gnome and LXDE as there are still problems with Unity but this will be added in the future once sorted!
Need to still iron out some problems with this features but it will be ready for the next release for sure!

The Ubuntu images very also been recompiled with Java working again! so all those that use this as on the go dev platform will be happy.

One other little hint...I may have found the fix to GUI problems in Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM..which could mean there is a beta 11.10 image coming your way in the next week or so!

New site for my apps!

I have started creating a range of apps that allow you to install different linux distros on your android phone! as it stands there is a free Ubuntu app, and Paid Ubuntu app and a Paid Backtrack app, but more will follow.
I have been working on these for some time in XDA, so the question is why start a blog for them?
Simple from here I will beable to post regular updates on what I am working on, and changes that I am marking without spamming the XDA threads, I will still post there and here when there are new app updates etc, but you will find a much more indepth look at what I'm doing right now with the apps, and whats coming in the future!

Anyway hope everyone enjoys the blog and follow if you want to keep up to date, I will be adding links to the XDA pages and the market pages if you want more information on the apps!