Saturday, 31 March 2012

Debian Installer Free Video

Well here is a little something to get you all excited for the debian app (and the complete linux installer).
This is the video of the free debian installer app.
You will notice that for the debian images I am using XFCE as requested by a few people, and I have to say I love it! (been using the large build for a few days on my phone)

Complete Linux Installer Updated and out of Beta

I have just released a update for the complete Linux Installer.
This includes so bug fixes but the main new feature is the Installer now includes the Debian images and install guide!
SO now the app has more than the other two paid apps combined ;)
The boot widgets still do not work but this should be updated over the next few days to fix this.

Want to support the project further?
Want to get a peace of Debian love before the free Debian app is released?
Want to make sure you get all updates before anyone else?
Want to make sure you get all future Linux distros?

Then buy today :)

(on another note the free debian app will be released to the market within the next week)

Complete Linux Installer Beta released!

The first version of the new signal paid app has been release to the market!
This is a beta version as a few features do not yet works but by the end of the weekend these should be fixed.
Features of the new app include

*Install guides for Ubuntu and Backtrack (Debian to come soon!)
*All updates for all linux distros before other apps
*All features from the paid ubuntu and backtrack apps
*Boot widgets for all support linux distros (however this is not included in this version, will be in next update!)

The idea behind this app is that by buying this app you will get all future Linux distros that I support included in the app, thus this will be the last linux installer you will ever need to buy!
It will always feature everything that I do for the linux on android project.

The first thing you will get before anyone else will be the debian install guide and fast downloads for it, I am just waiting for the files to upload to the server so this should be done hopefully tonight!

There is only one bug right now and that is the lack of widgets, I had some problems getting more than one widget to work but should have this fixed by the end of the weekend.

This is by no means the finished project and is a BETA, but if you can't wait buy now and get the updates right away :D

Monday, 26 March 2012

And the next Linux Distro will be.....*Drum roll*

Thats right the next Linux distro has (finally) played nice and built into a nice image file we have all grown to love (or possibly hate?).
This will come in the form of a free app 'shortly' (within the next week I hope) and will be the first distro to only be included in the new 'one paid app'.

There will be two sized images as before a bigger one with more programs and a small one with much less, but the question is what desktop environment should I include as default? I will likely stick to Gnome for this one but if you have something you would rather see this is your time to speak up.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Torrent download option?

I have been thinking about this idea for some time and wondering if people would be interested.
The idea would be one large torrent with all the files that you would require for each Linux Distro (the app/boot script/image) shared using good old torrents!

The question is would you guys want this?
And would anyone with a seedbox be willing to support this torrent? (my home upload speed is ~150kb/s :( )

Please reply to this post with your views.

Ubuntu installer free updates + NEW Backtrack installer Free!

Thats right its update time again!
Ubuntu installer free has been updated to V2.2 and includes the following changes:

*Typos and errors in guide fixed
*New images to reflect the new Google play store
*Device list in FAQ link changed to new page with a much bigger list
*App code streamlined and changes made ready for next big update

But what I am sure most of you are interested in is the new Free Backtrack installer!
In the best a few have asked why there is no free version of backtrack and its always come down to really there only needing to be one free app to test the method. However every now and then people seem to be able to install Ubuntu but not Backtrack and thus end up buying the backtrack app but can't use it.
This isn't ideal and so how I structure all my Linux distro apps is changing!
Each distro will get its own free installer with all the normal features, but like the free ubuntu (And now backtrack) apps it will not include the boot widget, or fast downloading and updates will come slower.

There will then be ONE paid app that will sell for ~£2 and will include ALL the installers along with all the normal paid features. What does this mean? well for every future Linux Distro I do if you buy the one paid app it will be included free of charge! so there will no longer be a paid app for each distro but just one paid app that covers all of them.
Don't worry the paid Backtrack and Ubuntu apps will continue to get updates with all the new features and before the free apps, but the 'One' app will get updated before these.

This new app will be released in the coming weeks along with a third Linux Distro!

Anyway hit up the market for the free Backtrack installer now!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ubuntu Installer paid updated to V2.2 + Lots more updates to come!!

The Paid Ubuntu Installer app has just been updated to V2.2, while this is a rather small update and really just fixes some of the small problems with the last version It also ready's the app for the big updates that are to come soon!
There is a planned 'wave' of updates for the existing apps plus new ones for you to try!
So watch this space things should start to get moving again very shortly :D

The change log for the paid app is as follows:
*Device list in FAQ link changed to new page with a much bigger list
*V6.1 boot script included
*App code streamlined and changes made ready for next big update

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Ubuntu 12.04 image

I have just finished uploading a new 12.04 image which brings the images back in line with all the updates from the beta release and other updates up to today. There are also a few other small bug fixes but this update is primarily just to bring it back in line with the main progress of Ubuntu 12.04

You may also wish to have a look in the sourceforge projects download section...might just give a few ideas on whats to come in the future soon ;)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Smoke rises from the chimney once more

I have not forgot you worry not, work has started on a new version of the 12.04 image to bring it back up to date, along with fixes for the apps and also an update for backtrack.
I also have another linux distro in the pipe work (guess go on ;) ) and working on a new app that will unify everything...but anything more than that would be telling so you shall just have to wait and see

New ways to buy my apps?

Well Google have still yet to pay for last months sales, and quite frankly I need this money and so I am thinking about looking at other ways I could sell and distribute my apps, I am looking for a system that would allow users to buy the app via a webpage using paypal, then would then get a generated serial code to activate the app.
I have found one system that would do this for me found here but the question is do you think you would use this? or perhaps you know a better system?.

It comes down to the fact I really want the money to come straight into my account and not float about in Google accounts never really sure if it will make it into my bank account.

Project included in this weeks i++ newsletter

This week my project has been included in the University of Essex School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering News letter, this will be added to the press page.
If you have a blog and have talked about my app please let me know and I shall add it to the press page!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Front page of source forge :D

We did it, there is the project in all its amazingness (four one down)...however I am not sure why they havn't used my logo but hey ho its still there.
Just amazing how this project has grown so much, Well anyway best get back to making a new 12.04 images, its been a while since the last test image!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Backtrack and Ubuntu free updates!

Both the Backtrack installer and the Free Ubuntu installer have now been updated to version 2.1.
This version now includes the new V6 boot script for both apps which includes the below features:

*Using relative links within the script which mean you can now place the script and image where ever you like and the script will work! (note however that the one click boot will still only work if the files are in sdcard/ubuntu)
*Script now checks to see if you have an external sdcard mounted and will mount it (not just if it’s on the sdcard/external_sd)
*Error massages fixed and cleaned up
*More Documentation within the script to make it easier to see what does what

With the release of the new free version also shows the start of something a little different, I will be hosting all versions of the free app on the sourceforge page here:

This will allow you to install my app if your device does not have market access or if you want to install another version of the app other than the current version.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Calling all blog owners/writers!

I am looking to promote my apps further as development moves forward into 12.04!
While the app(s) have gotten a fair amount of press through many blogs I have yet to have any message or contact me about a interview or talk.
I am more than happy to give a interview (be it via email/gtalk/what ever) to any blogs that are looking to do a more in depth review/report on my app and this project.
In return I would happily create a page about press releases and include links to each blog that does a report.

My goal is to get this project out as much as possible, so everyone can get Ubuntu on there android device (and with over 30,000 installs of the free app its safe to say I am getting there!)

So if your interested email me.

Project to be featured on Source forge home page!

Thats right thanks to the large volume of file downloads and interest in the project on the source forge page from Monday for one week my project will be on the home page!
Needless to say I am working to get the source forge in better shape as its highly likely a lot more people will be viewing it over the week.
I have already sorted out folders for the source code of my boot scripts and a folder where I will place all future versions of the free app encase you are unable to download from the market!

I would love it if a few more people would recommend the project before Monday and if a few people could write some reviews that would be great!

Once again I must thank you all for building the project to what it is!