Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Time to Choose how you want future versions to be downloaded!

With Ubuntu 12.04 reaching stable tomorrow,  I will shortly after this be releasing a new wave of Ubuntu 12.04 images (don't worry backtrack it will be your go next!), but as with the last full image has shown me uploading 1.3GB of data on a upload speed of 125kb/s can cause some problems with corruptions etc.

Also now that the free files are on source forge (for those that don't remember they used to be hosted on multiupload) the speed difference between source forge and the ftp server used in the paid apps can be very little if at all at peek times.

So my idea would be to do away with the FTP server, and simply host the files on source forge, BUT also host torrent downloads on a seedbox which I costs me as much as the FTP server, so I can do away with that and buy the new seedbox.

The question is how would you want downloads? There is a poll in the sidebar that I would like everyone to answer to help decide what type of download 'links' will be included in the apps. Please comment on this post if you have any other ideas.

Really I do think that torrents are the way forward for this kind of media, as the files are so large downloading normally can coarse alot of problems, something torrents do away with. But you are my supporters so I want to know your views on the matter!