Monday, 11 June 2012

Complete Linux Installer Updated to V3.1 (Its a big one!)

Its been a long time coming but the Complete Linux Installer has been updated to v3.1!

This is a huge update with a range of new features that will make the app far more than 'just' a installer, this complete change log is at the bottom of the post but lets take a second to look at a few of the new features!

The app now includes the boot script built in which means you only need to download the image you want, the script works for all images and has been greatly improved (see script part of change log)

The app can now also from the launch menu let you set up a image to boot on start up of android.

Alot of config settings can now be down within the app for the images (including screen size, starting vnc and ssh etc.)

We hope you enjoy the update as it has taken us quite some time to complete as much as we have!


*Added a config screen on the launcher.
*Added a mount editor to the config screen where new mounts can be added.
*Added a option to turn on/off start of SSH and VNC servers.
*Added resolution settings to the config screen.
*Added auto run options, the image can now be mounted automatically when android has booted.
*Added Danish translations.
*The launcher now warn you if the image path is wrong and hide the config and start button.
*Changed the widgets and launcher to use a full image name instead of the path and script name.
*Fixed grammar and spelling for English text
*Added torrent downloads for debian and backtrack


*It now asks if you want to start ssh and vnc at first boot and let you save the choices. (The complete installer app can change ssh/vnc start choices and change vnc resolution later, the free apps can do it by editing a file)
*Resolution and other settings are now saved the same place as the image itself so they are easy to edit. The file is called imagename.img.configs
*The permissions on /sdcard and /external_sd should be fixed now.
*Now the hosts and resolv.conf files are only written once, so changes the user make will now survive a restart.
*Plus a lot of changes to support the new config system, to many to mention.


*Changed the script so it now look for any of our apps and use busybox from there. If none of the apps are found it will use /system/xbin/busybox instead.
*Changed the shutdown part to use the apps busybox, now it should shutdown for everyone.
*Now we write hosts and resolv.conf file only once when the image first boots. This allow changes to those files to survive restart of the image.
*Plus a lot of small changes to support the new config system.