Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy to announce the next big update!

So we have now got to a point where we are nearly complete on the next big update so I think its time I let everyone know what going to happen!

There will now only be one main app, this app will be free and called 'Complete Linux Installer' and will feature for free nearly everything in the current Complete Installer Installer you will get (most of) the Launcher menu and widgets as well as all three install guides and the ubuntu build guide!

The three paid apps will then become 'donation files' which act as keys to unlock the rest of the launcher menu (i.e the editor side of things) and in the future other extra feature. The donation apps will be priced at £1, £2 and £4 to allow you to decide how much you want to give towards the project, all three donation apps will be the same and give you the same features the pricing is simply to allow you to give what you think  it is whether.
We are keeping all three as well so that anyone that has bought any of the paid apps will be updated to the key file giving them all the extra features without having to pay anything again!

We are really existed about this update because it means that there will only be one app that needs to be updated, which means when ever theres a new image or feature we want to add theres only one app to add it to!
It also means that the users of the free app will be getting a taste of the joys of the launcher widget and menu item, and everyone will have the guide to build there own images if they so wish!
Don't worry those that have or will be buying the donation apps will be getting extra great features in the future and of cause you will still get the good feeling of helping this project keep going and growing!

This set up will also allow me to 'give out' donation keys if for example we plan a contest etc.

The ETA is not completely sure yet there are a few more bits to finish but its nearly complete so it should be pretty soon indeed.

From Martin and myself we would like to thank you all for supporting the project and hope you enjoy this next update as much as we think you will!