Sunday, 26 August 2012

Brand new website!

Ok guys time for something new!
I have kept the same old rather dated and rubbish blogspot site since the project started, simply because it was easy, which is very lazy on my part

Well! we now have a nice new shiny website!
The new site will be taking over form the old blogspot site in the week as I move the rss feeds in the app and sending stuff to facebook etc over to the new site and make sure everythings working.

However you can check it out right now

You will also notice a wiki link in the main menu, which takes you to our brand new (and very much empty!) wiki site We will be filling in some information over the next few days. But seeing as it is a wiki the main goal is for the community behind the project (Thats you guys) to fill the wiki up, prehaps your device needed some tweaks to get it working? Write a wiki page for it! Prehaps you have a cool use for LinuxonAndroid and want to show other users how to set it up (maybe a webserver?) Write a wiki page for it!

In time we will develop it further but you are all more than welcome to dive in and start making pages, and templates for different pages etc etc.