Sunday, 26 August 2012

Help Get more devices to LoA Devs!

So far we have been able to get over 400+ known working ROM/Device combinations on over 200+ devices.
 However Our own range of testing devices is very limited, I myself (The Lead Dev) am a University Student and on of the other two devs is still in school, thus our income is very very limited and we are unable to get extra devices.
This has been ok as we have been able to rely on the community to test and report working devices. But it has come to a point where there are some large bugs on devices we dont have that we feel must be fixed but cant be without us having the devices to test and work out the fix!

So this is where we have decided to start a donation fund to get more devices so we can officially support them and stamp out those evil bugs!

We are aiming to raise $1500 which will get us a range of devices but any money we get will go towards new devices and helping to improve LinuxonAndroid!

Please see the Fund page here to see what we are aiming to get and the perks you can get for donating!

If you cant help by donating consider helping by spreading the word!