Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Update Released!!

The big update has now hit the market.

The Complete Installer is now free with as the last post explained most features included for free!
The Three old paid apps have now become 'Donation keys' that unlocked extra features in the free app which at the moment is the Linux editor (to edit mounts and screen size etc within the app) but more features will be included in this soon.

All free Users should download the new free app now! from here:
(The old free apps will get one more update which will just point you to install the new app and then they will be removed from the market is about two weeks time)

Anyone that has bought any of the paid apps before should download the new update for this (making it the donation key). And then download the new free app, at which point the extra features will be unlocked for you.

Please note this new update has been tested on our devices however of cause being a new system there may well be bugs, if you find any report them right away and we shall aim to get them fixed quickly. In the past it has taken quite a long time for new updates to be released due to having 6 different apps, but now there is really only 2 (as all three key apps are the same just different package names) which will make bug fixing and  updating much much quicker.