Monday, 16 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer (NEW) Updated to v1.1.3

Another small update fixing a few bugs and making some changes (see change log at the bottom of the post).

However the big change this version brings is three new buttons in the install guide menu, which will be the next three distros to get support, its been a long time since any new distros where given support so its time that changed!
You will have to download the new update and check to see what the three new distros will be (See it as a mini surprise), but the important info is like when I started work on ubuntu 12.04 until the new distros are 'stable' they will be only unlocked with donation key. Once I am happy enough general bugs have been smashed, and we have decided on what to include in which distro they will become 'stable' and be added to the free app.
So if you want early access to the new distros as they come out make sure you have a donation key bought and ready.
The first new distro beta will likely be released within a week with the others follow shortly after so keep an eye out for the update!

This version is also the first of the new app to make its way onto the sourceforge site, so you no longer have to use the market at all if you do not wish!
The update can be download from sourceforge here:

Change Log:

*Added 3 new buttons ready for future distros (have a look to see what the next distros will be ;) )
*Removed the links to the donation at the end of the guides
*Added small image 'ad' for the donation keys at the button of the install guides (will not show if you have a donation key installed)