Monday, 9 July 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to v1.1

This is a fairly small update but with a few new features/changes.
The biggest change being the new 'news' feature which acts as a rss reader for this blog allowing you to keep up to date with news about the project from within the app. I know this has been a feature a few people have requested in the past and now we are just working form the one app I decided it a great time to introduce it!
Anyway enjoy the new update, and those that have yet to update to the new free app (I know your out there!) your really missing out so jump on board today!

Complete Change log:

*New News section with a news feed right from the blog so you can keep up to date from within the app
*Bulgarian Translation added, thanks to Nikolay Suknyarov (NikolayS)
*Added links to donation keys at the end of the install guides (in free mode only)