Friday, 13 January 2012

[UPDATE] Update - Ubuntu images

I have a nice treat for you all today, A new Ubuntu image will be coming out tonight for beta testing (once its finished uploading).
This is the rebuilt image I have been talking about, so all programs are now fixed and ready to rock, also built in  to the image, on boot it will ask you to select what screen size you want, and the best feature it will ask you which desktop environment you want to use!
For now Gnome and LXDE are included but more will follow once bugs in them are cleared up.

I will include the download link here and on the xda forums once it has been uploaded to multiupload, if all works well it will be uploaded to my ftp server and added to the paid app! (free app will get it shortly after)

It is important to note you now MUST type 'exit' in terminal to shut Ubuntu down, if you reboot before doing this it will brake the desktop selection system.
(This is fixable, you just need to select the same desktop you used before reboot, boot into it and then press type exit)

The upload is on hold as I have had a large brake through with unity thanks to XDA member leonardoaraujo so I will get Unity working as well before I upload the new test image