Saturday, 28 January 2012

Good news just gets better!

Well over the past few days the new 2.0 version of the Paid app has been flying along, now with only two last features to finish, the new boot script and the extra features alot of you used from the picture!

That is in 2.0 of the paid app there will be a 'one click boot' feature as seen in the picture as 'launch ubuntu' this will also be included in a widget to make it even easier.
I had been looking at integrating a terminal into my app itself, however it is possible to start the terminal app and pass initial commands from another app, i.e. you can still use the amazing android  terminal app linked in my app and have one click boot!

Now if all goes to plan the paid app 2.0 may well get released VERY soon...followed by a free version (which will not include the build guide or the one click boot) next week, and then its time for backtrack to get some more love!