Thursday, 12 January 2012

Todays Work

"Today's work" posts will be posts about quite simply what I have done today with the app, these may not be everyday if one day I was to busy to do much but other days these might be rather long posts.
Anyway on with the first post :D

Today I have been working on the slew of new features I will be bringing to the Paid apps (a few features will also make it to the free ubuntu app) to make the whole install process more configurable and automatic.
I have started by focusing on the configurable side of things to start with. Two of these features infact, the first will allow you to set the linux screen size at boot, for now this is done within the terminal. The boot script asks you for the two dimensions and the screen will then be created with these, this way I only have to host one image for each 'type' and you have complete control of the screen size. This is almost finished to need to polish the text up a bit and it will be ready for the next release.

The second feature is allowing the user to select from different GUI's on boot to use what they like the most. To start with this will only include Gnome and LXDE as there are still problems with Unity but this will be added in the future once sorted!
Need to still iron out some problems with this features but it will be ready for the next release for sure!

The Ubuntu images very also been recompiled with Java working again! so all those that use this as on the go dev platform will be happy.

One other little hint...I may have found the fix to GUI problems in Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM..which could mean there is a beta 11.10 image coming your way in the next week or so!