Thursday, 12 January 2012

Future Features

Here is a updated list of futures I plan to release in the next 'few' releases of the apps...I am still unsure what will make it to the free apps, comes down to amount of work needed for different features I guess. Will keep you all up to date on that, anyway on with the list!

  • Automatic creation of the folder on sdcard required by the app
  • Automatic download over a secure password (hard coded into app) protected connection to my ftp server
  • Automatic extraction of files once download, moving them to the folder created by the app
  • Built in terminal which will allow the user to click one button (or widget) to run the boot script and then give access to command line within my app
  • New Ubuntu builds to fix some programs including Java
  • Boot script will let the user select which desktop enviorment they want to use (In the Ubuntu apps, this will start just LXDE and Gnome but more will follow) and also allow the user to set what screen size they want before boot
  • Boot script changes to solve a few boot problems still remaining
There will be more than these for sure and if you have any features you would like to see please let me know!