Sunday, 4 March 2012

Backtrack and Ubuntu free updates!

Both the Backtrack installer and the Free Ubuntu installer have now been updated to version 2.1.
This version now includes the new V6 boot script for both apps which includes the below features:

*Using relative links within the script which mean you can now place the script and image where ever you like and the script will work! (note however that the one click boot will still only work if the files are in sdcard/ubuntu)
*Script now checks to see if you have an external sdcard mounted and will mount it (not just if it’s on the sdcard/external_sd)
*Error massages fixed and cleaned up
*More Documentation within the script to make it easier to see what does what

With the release of the new free version also shows the start of something a little different, I will be hosting all versions of the free app on the sourceforge page here:

This will allow you to install my app if your device does not have market access or if you want to install another version of the app other than the current version.