Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ubuntu installer free updates + NEW Backtrack installer Free!

Thats right its update time again!
Ubuntu installer free has been updated to V2.2 and includes the following changes:

*Typos and errors in guide fixed
*New images to reflect the new Google play store
*Device list in FAQ link changed to new page with a much bigger list
*App code streamlined and changes made ready for next big update

But what I am sure most of you are interested in is the new Free Backtrack installer!
In the best a few have asked why there is no free version of backtrack and its always come down to really there only needing to be one free app to test the method. However every now and then people seem to be able to install Ubuntu but not Backtrack and thus end up buying the backtrack app but can't use it.
This isn't ideal and so how I structure all my Linux distro apps is changing!
Each distro will get its own free installer with all the normal features, but like the free ubuntu (And now backtrack) apps it will not include the boot widget, or fast downloading and updates will come slower.

There will then be ONE paid app that will sell for ~£2 and will include ALL the installers along with all the normal paid features. What does this mean? well for every future Linux Distro I do if you buy the one paid app it will be included free of charge! so there will no longer be a paid app for each distro but just one paid app that covers all of them.
Don't worry the paid Backtrack and Ubuntu apps will continue to get updates with all the new features and before the free apps, but the 'One' app will get updated before these.

This new app will be released in the coming weeks along with a third Linux Distro!

Anyway hit up the market for the free Backtrack installer now!