Saturday, 31 March 2012

Complete Linux Installer Beta released!

The first version of the new signal paid app has been release to the market!
This is a beta version as a few features do not yet works but by the end of the weekend these should be fixed.
Features of the new app include

*Install guides for Ubuntu and Backtrack (Debian to come soon!)
*All updates for all linux distros before other apps
*All features from the paid ubuntu and backtrack apps
*Boot widgets for all support linux distros (however this is not included in this version, will be in next update!)

The idea behind this app is that by buying this app you will get all future Linux distros that I support included in the app, thus this will be the last linux installer you will ever need to buy!
It will always feature everything that I do for the linux on android project.

The first thing you will get before anyone else will be the debian install guide and fast downloads for it, I am just waiting for the files to upload to the server so this should be done hopefully tonight!

There is only one bug right now and that is the lack of widgets, I had some problems getting more than one widget to work but should have this fixed by the end of the weekend.

This is by no means the finished project and is a BETA, but if you can't wait buy now and get the updates right away :D