Saturday, 18 February 2012

[UPDATE] 12.04 test images hit Source-forge!

core image is now online sorry about that

Well after much posting saying that I will be building new images, and nothing happening for a while, the day has come.
In the past I have built my images from 10.10 and people have asked why I havn't updated this was because I was waiting for a buildable version of 12.04, which I have finally got working.

These images are purely for TESTING and in no way stable (after all 12.04 is only alpha 2 right now!) but I will be uploading images to source forge for you all to test if you wish.

New releases will be made to follow the releases of milestone versions of main Ubuntu (i.e alpha, beta etc) and possibly other releases between then as I make changes reading the build as a final build once the final official version is released. Until the final release if you wish something that is stable please stick to my 10.10 images, however the 10.10 images will no longer be updated. Before you post a bug please check on the Ubuntu bugs to see if it is something Ubuntu related and not related to just my build.

There will be two types of build 'core' and 'full'.

The 'core' images include only the most basic Ubuntu build with no GUI (however tightvncserver is set up if you wish to install one).
This is perfect if you do not want a GUI or want to install everything yourself, plus the download is much smaller

The 'full' images include a GUI and a range of programs, for now these images are like the old 'lightweight' images. 

But once we hit stable release I will build a larger image with the complete range of software.

The first core image is now live with a full image coming hopefully tomorrow!

For now enjoy :)