Friday, 24 February 2012

New 12.04 full image and Boot script

I have two new treats for you all.
Firstly there is a new 12.04 image which includes:
*Synced to updates as of today
*Chromium still having issues so firefox also included for now
* (the second half of the boot up) now lets you save your screen size as a default
*update manger, software center and synaptic package manger installed

The biggest change is that it now lets you save your default screen size so if your using my one click boot after the first boot you don't have to type anything into the terminal at all! (this is saved in a 'defaultboot.txt' file in /root to remove the defualt just delete this file)

There is also a new version (V6) of the Boot script, this script will work with both my 10.10 and 12.04 images and includes:
*Using relative links within the script which mean you can now place the script and image where ever you like and the script will work! (note however that the one click boot will still only work if the files are in sdcard/ubuntu)
*Script now checks to see if you have an external sdcard mounted and will mount it (not just if it’s on the sdcard/external_sd)
*Error massages fixed and cleaned up
*More Documentation within the script to make it easier to see what does what

The paid app will be updated hopefully today or tomorrow with the new boot script and new 12.04 images