Thursday, 2 February 2012

Backtrack 2.0 in the works

I have decided to wait to push the free Ubuntu update until I have updated the Backtrack app, as I think it would be very much unfair to those that have paid to not get updates before those that haven't. The change log for the backtrack update will look something like this:

*User can set screen size on boot
*Brand new UI To make the whole thing more useable
*New 'one click boot' feature to allow quick booting from either the widget or inside the app
*New widget to activate the one click boot
*App install guide changed in light of 'one click boot'
*Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters

It is of cause subject to change before really but should give you a good idea of whats to come.
With the release of the update I shall also be permanently changing the apps price to 99p to keep it inline with the paid version of the Ubuntu app. A release should be finished by the end of the weekend with then the free Ubuntu app being pushed shortly after that.