Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What do you want to see in the 12.04 builds?

So after Canonical posted about there 'amazing' 'new' ubuntu running on android, I started thinking about some of the features they where offering and thought that for the best part it would be quite easy to integrate some stuff e.g pictures and videos taken on the android device, music stored on the device etc etc, after all the sdcard is already mounted might as well put it to use.
But the question is does anyone really want this?
Perhaps it should wait for my stable 12.04 and I should work more on getting unity and native X11 working first?

Please let me know what you want to see first in the next few releases, after all we have a good few months until stable 12.04 might as well see what we can cram in before then :)

You have control over what comes first!
(of cause keep it sensible no I am not going to port WINE and port windows programs to arm :P at least not right now.....)