Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Canonicals post on Ubuntu within Android

As some of you may have seen Canonical (the company behind ubuntu) has posted information 'running ubuntu on dual core android' seen here http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android
The XDA forums threads for my app have had a few people asking about this and I would like to put my views across (of cause these are my views not facts).
It seems to me that they are looking to join forces with phone manufacturers to start building ubuntu on/with android on future devices, they seem to only worry about wanting devices with at least two cores..which is very odd, my desire s runs ubuntu fine its only signal core!

As such getting anything usable from this 'project' may well not been seen for some months and even then may be very limited on how it works and on what devices it works on, its likely a 'cleaner' method would be found to running ubuntu but this would simply mean less devices could run it.

I am basing this on the Ubuntu TV project that was released a while ago but nothing has been seen for the open source/community.

Now the other question some might be thinking after seeing this, what about my app?
Well I will certainly not be giving up this project unless all interest in it dies, everyday I work close to getting more devices running and making the process even easier, with the release of my 12.04 images the focus is speed, usability and getting more devices the sweet Ubuntu love!

Once again thank you all for your interest, this project has blown my mind at how many people are interested!