Friday, 24 February 2012

Change log archive

In the new app update the change logs will be split to app/bootscript/image to make it easier to find whats changed in what, as such the old change logs will be removed so here they are below as a archive, its quite nice looking back at how much progress has been made in little over two months!

*New V5 small image featuring fixed Java even more lightweight (now around 1.2GB free) and user can set screen size on boot
*PAID New Build guide which shows you how to build your own Ubuntu images
*Brand new UI To make the whole thing more useable
*PAID new one click boot feature to allow quick booting from either the widget or inside the app
*PAID new widget to activate the one click boot
*PAID app install guide changed in light of one click boot\n*Fixed keyboard mapping of random letters in Gnome

*Large ubuntu image now allows user to set screen size on boot!
*Large Ubuntu image now lets you select between LXDE and Gnome desktops\n*Large Ubuntu image has been recompiled to fix the likes of Java (note some of the above changes will be included in the small image in the future)
*FAQ section updated with more answers to questions I have been getting
*Install guide updated in light of the new large image

*PAID app file downloads now use new fast FTP server and support direct downloading (click the button to download a image and it starts to download right away)
*New boot script which has fixed problems with it not booting on alot of devices, and fixed problem which some people getting a grey screen when loading UI
*Boot script now downloaded in zip file to fix problems with downloading script
*Both apps fixed to support low resolutions
*Both apps cleaned up

*PAID app now supports 960x540 qHD resolution
*ALL Ubuntu lightweight images cleaned up even more saved another 300MB of space
*ALL Ubuntu images updated with all new updates
*ALL Ubuntu images now in .zip format to fix problems with some peoples devices failing to extract the .rar files
*Boot script updated, once booted now terminal acts like a command line interface for Ubuntu, and some boot problems now fixed
*Image and boot script now downloadable separately to allow easy updating of the script

*FREE APP new lightweight ubuntu images for 800x480
*PAID APP new lightweight ubuntu images for all resolutions\n\n15/12/11
*Ubuntu updated with all updates as of today
*FREE APP ubuntu image now resolution 800x480 to fit most phones
*PAID APP ubuntu image now has four resolutions 800x480, 854x480, 1024x600 and 1280x800"

*New 10.10 image update
*New built in script in Ubuntu to start vncserver and other services on boot
*SD card is accessible from within Ubuntu
*Image changed to 3.5GB to fit if you have a 4GB SD Card
*The ubuntu boot scripts are now on easy to use script!
*More working programs (including software centre etc)
*Default desktop changed back to LXDE
*More apps for developing