Monday, 7 May 2012

Complete Linux Installer updated to V3 And can now be bought via paypal!

The Complete Linux Installer has been updated to v3, while there are no new features that app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up (something that's been worked on for some time) allowing feature updates and new features to be added easily.

As always this can be download from the market.

But with this release comes a new set up letting you buy the app via a new store! Payment can be taken buy either google checkout or paypal so you no longer need access to the market to buy the app or need a google account either (i.e user paypal :) ).
The new store can be viewed here where you can buy the app, if this is successful then I will likely bring the other paid apps here to but this is for now a test to see how well it goes.

The Paid Ubuntu app will be updated soon, I was planning to release this yesterday but decided to wait to release the v3 version of the paid app hopefully tomorrow.