Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Support/feedback system!

I have set up the project a account with User voice, a service that gives ticket support, knowledge base and feature request systems.
This will allow you all to submit any new features you would like to see in new updates or submit a ticket if you have a problem! (A much easier way of handling support than just normal email).

You will notice on the blog there is now a 'feedback and support' button in the bottom corner of your screen, you can click this to use the user voice system or you can access the site via to vote on features and view the knowledge base etc!

You can also still email for support but this must be done using the email address:

The knowledge base and user voice site will be populated with the faq and more info and this will replace the faq on the blog at the moment.

For now please think about any features you would like to see and submit them! also vote on others as only those with votes will likely make it into a build