Monday, 21 May 2012

Ubuntu Installer Free updated to V3

Yes its time for the free app to get a nice little update bumping it up to v3

The change log:

*Added torrent links and Download links for 12.04 Images! and v7 script
*Complete rebuild of app
*Added built in busybox so no longer need to install it yourself! (only working with 1204 v7 boot script, will work with other distros in next update)
*New changelog viewer, not much to see but it will be much easier updating it in the future.
*Install guide updated to reflect the new Ubuntu images, and the fact that Ubuntu 12.04 is now stable

This will be one of the last 'big' updates for the free apps as it should now be very stable and includes all the stuff need to manually install and run Ubuntu. No new features will be added to the free app (Although when 12.10 hits stable this will be included) unless bugs come up and need to be fixed