Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Looking for Grammar/Spelling checker/People to translate

As you may have noticed the new v3 versions of the apps include Dutch translations for the guides, and we would like to take this further and translate natively to a range of languages.

As such we are looking for people that can easily translate text from English to other languages, NOT just using google translate or other software but rather people who either natively speak or are fluent in other languages other than English or Dutch. All you will need to do is translate the text in the app for us (we will simply a file with all text to be translated) and in return you will get a free copy of all the complete installer. We would also like to be able to contact you in future to translate any new text that is added to the apps.

I also would like to find someone that will grammar and spelling check the English version of the text as it has been pointed out there are issues, this is down to me being very dyslexic and thus not seeing these issues. You would get the same as translators and once again we would like to keep you on for future text etc.

If anyone is interested please email me for more information!