Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ubuntu Installer Paid updated to v3

This includes a whole host of updates bring it back in line with the complete installer updates, these updates include:

Ubuntu Installer Paid:
  • Added torrent links and uploaded 1204 images to v2 and boot script to v7
  • Added built in busybox so no longer need to install it yourself! (only working with 1204 v7 boot script, will work with other distros in next update)
  • New changelog viewer, not much to see but it will be much easier updating it in the future.
  • Completely rebuilt app from the ground up!
Ubuntu v7 boot script:
  • md5 file checking if found in the same directory as the image (md5 file now included in zip of each image file) This can take some time to excute but will make sure the image is not currpt! (will only do it on first use once its checked the md5 file is deleted)
  • Improved error handling
  • Now uses built in busybox within app
Ubuntu 12.04 v2 images:

  • Now boot using a normal user (call ubuntu), on first boot it will ask for you to set your own admin password for using running things as root. (thanks to barryflanagan for this!)
  • Images now once again ask if you wish to save the screen size as default
  • Ubuntu updated to newest updates
  • Images include md5 files to check image
  • +Plus possibly other tweaks I cant remember!