Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Updates to come / whats going down in the next month

There is alot of work in the mill for the next release for the start of next month, so until then I thought I would just let you all know whats going to be happening in the next few weeks/month.

I have now started my exams (first exam was today) and these will be going on for the next two weeks during which I will not have so much time for the project, however in this time my plan is to get the last few apps up to v3, this includes the free apps and the paid backtrack app.

I shall then be taking a week holiday the week after my exams, after which it will be time to get down to hard work! 

So expect updates for the apps that havnt got to v3 in the next few weeks, then likely a brake of a week or two with no updates but then there will be the next wave of 'big' updates which will feature alot of customisation for the linux images (including settings screen size etc via the app).

I will be on holiday from the 27th of May until the 4th of June so there will be no customer support during this time (all support tickets will simply get a email stating this during that time) so if you have questions etc best ask them sooner or wait till after that week :)